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Want to get your original music some great exposure? Kev is a big fan of music and as a musician himself, he understands that it can be tough to get your music heard. Since radio, as you’re aware is dead and not playing anything original or thoughtful, send your music to someone who actually cares and will play anything…really any genre is up for “podcast-play”. We do need you’re your permission to use your music, and it must be owned by you exclusively, or by the person or party signing this form. Submit this form (current site link to pdf file this can be done in any manner that will get the user a copy of this form to download and submit either electronically or via regular mail) and Kevin Matthews will play your songs on his show. It’s that easy.

The Intern

The Art of Pig - Pulled Pork

The Art of Pig

Covfefe Day

Memorial Day

Clean The Beaver

Pies for Mom

Where's the Beef?!

Bye Bye April

Wayne's Gone


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