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Attention Suckies:

This is Jim Shorts and today I want you Kevheads to meet my new Intern, Neumann (Ben is his first name, Neumann is his Dad something, I don’t know, I just call him Neumann, Ben reminds me of the movie Ben and I hate rats and Michael Jackson).

Neumann will be heard each Friday during  the Kevin Matthews Podcast here at Neumann is spending this summer here working with me at the Casino, he leaves for college in August, he will continue to write a sports blog and play in a jazz band, strip club in Peoria. He will be reporting on the under belly of Peoria. Neumann will be providing us undercover videos of girl’s sorority homes, campus rave parties and more.

Let’s get to know Neumann; here he is taking over this keypad:

Hello fellow Kevheads, my name is Ben Line-Neumann, or Neumann as Jim likes to call me. Anyways, this week has been a very exciting week in the world of sports. With amazing wins and utterly shocking news, here is what happened this week in sport:

In the NHL, fans wait to see what players will be moved to the brand new hockey team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Reports are already showing five players that could possibly join the new franchise:

The first shown on this list is long time Penguin’s long time goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, along with Toby Enstrom, David Perron, Johnathan Marchessault, and Matt Dumba.

In the MLB, many teams are still fighting their way to the top of their divisions and we come even closer to the halfway point of the season. For the Kevheads in Chicago, Jim and I’s favorite team the Cubs have gone 4-1 this week moving there way up to the top of their division, as they are now only a half game back from the Brewers with a 36-34 overall record. For the White Sox, they have gone 3-2 this week (31-38 overall), but are still dead last in the American Central Division. However, this recent stretch of wins have moved them closer to passing the 32-38 Tigers in the division.

And here are the teams currently on top of their division after this week:

National League:

  • East: Nationals 43-28
  • Central: Brewers 38-35
  • West: Rockies 47-26

American League:

  • East: Red Sox 40-31
  • Central: Indians 37-32
  • West: Astros 48-24

And the NBA has had a very exciting week with the trading of Bostons first overall pick to the 76ers, the firing of Lebron James’ bitch, I mean GM of the Cavilers, and many rumors of players possibly getting traded over the offseason. Players including Jimmy Butler, who has shown a lot of interest in leaving Chicago to join Lebron and his winy ass in Clevland. Other player include Paul George who many teams have shown much interest in, and Phil Jackson, GM of the Knicks, might just be the dumbest shit head on the planet for talking about the possibility of trading their franchise player Kristaps Porzingis.

Thank you Neumann, our new intern. Kevin will be back next week with another BBQ something, maybe not, Kevin is dying.

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Eat me,

Jim Shorts


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