Jim Shorts January 20th NFL Picks


Here we go Suckies; the best weekend in football happens Saturday and Sunday. The NFL is down to 4 teams, the winners this weekend; play in this year’s Super Bowl. Please listen to me and Kevin Matthews this Friday with a very special quest on the hotline. www.dahl.com (The Kevin Matthews Podcast is posted every Friday here on the Steve Dahl Network.

Let’s win some money Kevheads, place your bets:

Sunday in the NFL:

Patriots (12-4) host the Denver Broncos at 3:05pm/EST. This is going to be a classic battle, this could be Manning’s last game, and he will retire after this game or after the Super Bowl if he makes it to this Super Bowl?

Weather will play a factor, huge snow storms are expected on the East Coast with strong wins. Both teams the Broncos and New England have injuries, the Broncos have healed faster, but playing at home benefits New England. I personally am so sick of hearing Manning yell “Omaha” Let it end this weekend, bet New England to beat the Broncos and move to the Super Bowl.

Carolina (15-3) will host the Arizona Cardinals (13-3) game time is at 6:40pm/EST. The MVP of this game will be Ron Rivera, Carolina’s head coach. Ron is a friend, former Chicago Bear, he knows what it is like to be (15-3) and most of all, and he has played in a Super Bowl.

Carolina has the better QB, Carolina is playing at home, I said it early this season, this is the best team in the NFL. Bet Carolina to win and move on to this year’s Super Bowl.

New England and Carolina will move on and play in this year’s Super Bowl. Join me next week here at www.dahl.com for my prediction, who will be the NFL champions in 2016.

Join me this Friday on the Kevin Matthews Podcast here at www.dahl.com Call my voice mail and leave a short 30 second message, your thoughts at 312-380-9784.

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Have a great weekend, bet big or go home.

Jim Shorts/COO Beaver Island Casino and Indian Reservation.


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