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02/08/2018 01:56:43 It's a classic Hindsight! This week we go back to a great conversation with comedic actor Brad Morris! Brad talks about his youth in Chicago, how a love of sports shaped him as a youth and person, the amazing story of his family, what Second City means to him, and what it's like to do comedy for the president! Michael Jordan, Bulls, Chicago, family, Second City, Barack Obama, Improv, Sketch, Sister
11/11/2016 01:26:15 Comedian Jon Mackey joins Daniel this week! The two friends talk about how his comedy troupe "Big Brande" formed & hanging in NYC. We hear about a crazy guy in South Carolina, his high school band, and how he found that he loved doing comedy in LA. image2-2 image1-5 image3-1 NYC, Music, road trips, UCB, Sketch, Big Grande, Rob Thomas, State Fair
06/20/2016 01:07:41 Actor Dax Herrera joins Daniel this week! Dax shares his love for show Tournament Of Nerds and the opportunity it gave him and his sports driven family to bond over, growing up in Phoenix, weird family animals and vetting his sister's boyfriend! IMG_9031 IMG_9032 IMG_9033 McDonald's, Phoenix, My Little Pony, Seinfeld, UCB, Ken Marino, Sketch, Happy Hour, The Purge
Results: 3 Episodes Found