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03/16/2017 01:36:40 Comedian Ron Babcock returns to Hindsight and he's got an album coming out called "This guy." Ron and Daniel talk about comedy competitions, traveling abroad, and his best halloween costume. Plus a ton more! Halloween, Russia, Arizona, Chevy Chase, Scranton, Andy Peters, Tempe, Renaissance Fairs
08/13/2015 16:25

 A "Scranton 11", comedian Ron Babcock joins Daniel for this week's Hindsight! The two get right into it with thoughts on what they'd do with their lives post comedy, the sexless sea-adventures Rob took in college, and getting big-timed by Rick Santorum. Also don't forget that Daniel will be in Madison doing shows at Comedy On State Aug 27-29 and will be back in Chicago doing a show @North Bar on Monday, September 21st! Hope you all dig this episode and thanks for listening!

surfing, Harry Potter, Costa Rica, Man Over Board, Riptide, 4-H, Scranton, Cracked
Results: 2 Episodes Found


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