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02/08/2018 01:07:37 Comedian Kyle Ayers is this week's guest! Kyle brings in photos that highlight how awesome his parents are, how he connects with his much younger brother, and the time he looked beautiful in a DOPE woman's bathing suit. Halloween, New York, St. Patrick's Day, Kansas City, parents, Vulnerability, Boast Rattle, Siblings
10/26/2017 01:35:28 Comedian Zak Toscani joins Daniel this week! The guys talk friendship & why a "more the merrier" attitude is best. Zak then talks Halloween with his mom, moving between Cincinnati & Hawaii, the nickname "haircut," & a beautiful person he'll never forget! Halloween, Hawaii, Italy, Cincinnati, Virginity, Ohio, Restaurant Business, Catholic Boys School
03/16/2017 01:36:40 Comedian Ron Babcock returns to Hindsight and he's got an album coming out called "This guy." Ron and Daniel talk about comedy competitions, traveling abroad, and his best halloween costume. Plus a ton more! Halloween, Russia, Arizona, Chevy Chase, Scranton, Andy Peters, Tempe, Renaissance Fairs
01/26/2017 01:17:08 Comedian Vinny Fasline joins Daniel on this episode! Vinny and Daniel are game night buddies and Vinny brings photos from his challenging childhood, finding his confidence in college and becoming himself through comedy. Stand-Up, divorce, Halloween, Pittsburgh, Bob's Burgers, Game Night, Ohio, Brain Tumor
11/14/2016 01:34:44 The first ever guest on Hindsight, comedian Andy Peters, returns to goof around with Daniel and look back at pictures from his life. The guy talk about the election results in what they hope is the lightest way possible, and then get to the photos! When he isn't derailing the show, Andy shares a reluctant grandkid group photo, stories of being "band cool" and what he felt like in Seattle 8 years ago. dvk-little-kids dvk-saxophone dvk-black-hoodie Halloween, midwest, Obama, Pro Wrestling, Trump, Homecoming, Clinton, Election
10/15/2015 15:39

Comedian, writer, & Pan American Gold Medalist, (seriously) Mike Glazer sits down with DVK! Old friends from their Second City days, they talk about what theater means to them, mystique of the "Main Stage" & how the Chicago community shaped their lives.

St. Louis, Halloween, Chicago, hockey, Second City, Pan American Games, Pranks, Late Late Show
10/08/2015 26:30

Actress & comedian Vanessa Ragland brings the tunes! Vanessa & Daniel kick things off with a misguided but sincere Halloween costume when she was an over confident kid and then dig in to talk about parents, siblings, and how she became known as "Bruiser"!

Summer Camp, Halloween, Stevie Wonder, Syracuse, Virginia, sisters, theatre, gold mining
Results: 7 Episodes Found