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05/18/2017 01:20:17 Comedian Jay Larson joins Daniel this week! It's been a long time coming and the guys get right into it! Jay talks about goofing around with his aunts, his night with two comedy legends and what being a dad means to him. twin peaks, Robin Williams, Boston, parenting, Single Mom, Bobcat Goldthwait, Fatherhood, The Invitation
06/10/2016 01:08:18 Comedian and writer, Julia Hays, joins Daniel for the latest Hindsight! Why do we have zoos, what he recently learned about musicals, Julia dishes on college mascot days, living in Peru, how she "does" Vegas, and she speaks frankly about her weight loss. IMG_8922 IMG_8921 IMG_8920 Philadelphia, Boston, weight loss, Gorilla, Zoo, Mascot, Peru, Vegas
06/02/2016 01:13:19
Producer Dana Wickens joins Daniel for this week's Hindsight! Dana has been working in the entertainment industry for years and even longer than that if you count the shows she produced in her childhood home.  The show kicks off with a far too deep discussion on the Bachelorette and Reality TV in general and then digs into the pics! Dana talks about life in rural Connecticut, going to music camp, cosplaying as presidents, her love of drumline, and her first failed attempts at drinking. And make sure to get you tickets to see Daniel Van Kirk live at North Bar on Friday, June 10th! Tickets are almost sold out!
Boston, band, House Hunters, Bachelorette, Reality TV, Drumline, Producing, Emerson College
02/25/2016 01:28:42 Comedian Geoff Tate returns to Hindsight and once again talk about pictures from different chapters from his life. Geoff discusses what it was like spending a month straight on the road, why he decided to have his last drink at Cheers in Boston, and his memories of working in Aspen making snow for rich people. FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(1) Stand-Up, Boston, Comedy, writing, Cheers, religion, Aspen, Billboards, Those Who Can't, Grawlix
12/10/2015 19:09 Writer & comedian, Scott Boxenbaum, is this week's guest! A California guy born and raised: Growing up by the beach, the social scene of record stores, the need to live on the east coast, obsessed with golf and the best analogy Daniel has ever heard Boston, California, golf, Santa Monica, Odd Future, Diners, Nite Court, Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Results: 5 Episodes Found


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