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08/17/2017 01:32:29 In this classic Hindsight, comedian Wil Anderson joins Daniel to talk youth in Austrailia, cosplaying as Eddie Vedder, and an awards show to remember! Stand-Up, Australia, Eddie Vedder, Best Of, Set List, Awards Shows, cosplay, youth
08/10/2017 01:32:17 Comedian Nate Fridson joins Daniel this week! Nate talks about how Journey is a band of liars, what life was like at summer camp, losing his rattail, getting a henna tattoo, 40s in college, and so much more! Eminem, Detroit, hip hop, Journey, Jewish, South Padre Texas, Jet Skis, Rap
08/03/2017 01:29:50 Comedian Michelle Biloon joins Daniel this week! She talks about selling bras and keys to locals in Wisconsin, finding her people in college, and how she found her calling in Austin, TX. Wisconsin, Austin, Madison, stand-up comedy, Texas, Late night talk show, Greyhound Bus, Premium Blend
07/27/2017 01:38:58 Comedian Brendon Walsh joins Daniel for this week's episode! The guys talk about Brendon's youth in Philly, how he became a comic in Austin, TX, and his carefree attitude about being a new dad. Nathan For You, Wes Anderson, Philadelphia, Austin, Whole Foods, Pranks, Fatherhood, Bonezone
07/21/2017 01:41:14 Comedian, Renee Colvert joins Daniel on this weeks show! They talk about training for a half marathon, being a fearful kid, theme parks, Super Bowl Sunday, her time in an Off-Broadway musical, and some honest talk about real life issues. Super Bowl Sunday, Fear, Dad Watches, Girls Night, Time Square, Six Flags, Eating Disorders, Vision Boards
07/13/2017 01:31:07 Musician and fellow podcaster, Todd Cooper joins Daniel this week! The guys talk about Todd's youth being bullied and going to church 4 times a week. They then jump to his time as a Straight Edge and how he met his wife. Check it out! Virginia, Christianity, Church, Saddleback Church, Punk Music, Royal Ambassadors, Switchfoot, Christian Music
07/07/2017 01:23:17 Comedian Christina Walkinshaw joins Daniel on Hindsight. They talk about her time as an illegal immigrant, dancing for Simon Cowell, and her youth in Vancouver. Simon Cowell, Beverly Hills, American Idol, Vancouver, Comedy Store, INS, Customs, Used Cars
06/30/2017 01:25:45 Actress, writer, and all around quality person, Holly Prazoff joins Daniel this week! They look back on Holly's time as a yoga loving youth up in Toronto, her parents' life of service in Hawaii and the time in her life that she "went the Tijuana route!" Toronto, divorce, yoga, Hawaii, Mad Men, elderly, stand by me, Hippies
06/22/2017 01:19:28 Comedian Ryan O'Flanagan is this week's guest! Daniel can't wait to talk about Ryan's "Tour Guide" character and then dig into the photos to chat about Ryan's personal growth, his first time doing stand up, and his dark days as a newcomer to Los Angeles. Stand-Up, graduation, Massachusetts, tour guide, high school, Funny Or Die, Hollywood Boulevard, Boston College
06/15/2017 01:28:13 Writer, producer, & podcaster Anna Hossnieh is this week's guest! She has a new show coming soon about being brown in America and she talks with Daniel about growing up a loner, traveling abroad, and finding her passion. Iran, birthdays, Persian, Farsi, East Bay, 300 Movie, Amsterdamn, Live Comedy
Results: 158 Episodes Found


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