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05/24/2018 01:21:44 Comedian Sara Benincasa joins Daniel this week! They talk about het trip to Sicily and then jump into the pics! Photo 1 covers her time studying abroad and seeing Britney Spears, photo 2 is all about baton twirling, and photo 3 is about doing comedy and being a kid. Britney Spears, Comedy Central, Italy, stand-up comedy, UCB, Book Writing, Sicily, Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Baton Twirling, Margaret Cho, One Person Shows
05/16/2018 01:27:04 Comedian Dave Anthony joins Daniel this week! Dave brings 3 photos that cover the election race that ruined his parent's marriage, how he found stand up and got calmed down by Robin Williams, and how being a dad propelled him to success in comedy. Robin Williams, San Francisco, stand-up comedy, politics, Patton Oswalt, Alcoholism, Marin County, Paula Poundstone, The Dollop, Walking The Room, Greg Berandt, Austrailia
05/10/2018 01:30:53 Alex Nussbaum is a great comic and has some great stories! The guys kick things off talking about his dad surviving the nazis, then dig into how his family came to Canada, what he gave up on music, how high school showed him that comedy was his path and how he chose that path later on in life. Paul McCartney, Monty Python, Toronto, snl, Canada, SCTV, Madame Tussaud's, Piano, Nazis, Pixar, Animation
05/03/2018 01:21:53 Comedy writer and performer Drew Spears sits down with Daniel this week! The guys talk about performing at UCB and then go to the photos for Drew's stories about doing David Letterman shows for himself as a child, what it's like to have too many props for a show, and how he loved a vacation he spent with goats! Florida, David Letterman, goats, UCB, Texas, Disabilities, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Film Making, Babar The Elephant
04/26/2018 01:08:27 Comedian Nick Thune sits down with Daniel and brings photos that highlight his rough patch in high school when he got in fights and dyed his hair blonde, and the time he fulfilled his sons dream of meeting Donald Duck in Hawaii, and lastly the moment he questioned his life choices after setting up the photo shoot of a half naked elderly man. Stand-Up, Seattle, fighting, Hawaii, shoplifting, Washington, Disney, high school, The Outsiders, Donald Duck, Lazy River, Donald Ducking
04/19/2018 01:16:33 Comedian Andrew Youngblood joins Daniel in Houston to talk about growing up in Rochester, finding the best person at a Beck concert, and the life of freak show performer! Rob Lowe, Wizard of Oz, Beck, circus, Texas, Houston, The Secret Group, Rochester, Vacuums, Door To Door Sales, Jackass, Freak Show
04/12/2018 01:23:50 Comedian Wayne Federman is one of the best in the country! He has been doing stand up for 4 decades and tells so many great ones on this episode! Along with his photos, Wayne talks about revelations he had in grade school, performing ventriloquism in high school, driving a taxi in NYC in 1980, and his work on the HBO Doc, "The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling Florida, New York, Basketball, NYC, Garry Shandling, HBO, Baltimore, ventriloquism, Taxi, Pete Maravich, Henry Wrinkler
04/06/2018 01:27:56 Comedian Devin Field is a great comic and a writer for Jimmy Kimmel! He talks about his work at Kimmel during these political times, and brings photos about meeting someone you love years before you ever know it, being in a John Wayne Gacy play in college, and spending his spring break doing improv! Spring Break, Seattle, Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel, snl, Saturday Night Live, UCB, Trump, High Fidelity, USC
03/29/2018 01:09:49 As Daniel recovers from illness, here's a classic Hindsight with comedian Gabe Bravo! Gabe and Daniel met a couple years back in Houston and the two buddies jump right in with a crazy story involving weed, the beach, and a naked middle aged woman running for her life. Gabe also opens up about his battle with depression, how he found music, hated it, found comedy, and now is trying to love both. weed, loss, beach, Music, Steve Jobs, hookers, high school, Houston, Bands, Deppression, Galveston
03/22/2018 01:09:11 Comedian, Poet, and writer Derrick C. Brown is this week's guest! Derrick is promoting his new poetry book, "Hello. It Doesn't Matter." And the guys go through some great photos of his life. From being a child magician, to the military, and touring the country, this is a great episode! And pick up his book! California, Knotts Berry Farm, Long Beach, magic, Gulf War, Harley Davidson, Jessica Chastain, Military, WWII, Weeds Bar
Results: 197 Episodes Found