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12/01/2017 01:18:01 Set the way back machine to 1977 & W4 in Detroit. Steve talks about recently visiting his parents in California for Thanksgiving. He also talks about his radio career in Bakersfield. He accepted a job in Sacramento without quitting the Bakersfield job! Featured Artist, Thanksgiving, Jimmy Webb, America, Bob Welch, Dick The Bruiser, Steve Monkevich, Back to Bed winner
11/28/2015 00:00 It’s a '96 Thanksgiving recap of a family trip to Detroit. Everyday is Ground Hog’s day there. Radio Shack, a Dave Savini hotel experience & no one knows what to order at McDonald’s. The Joliat men are "dead" with no nuts, & how many craft fairs are there? Radio Shack, Thanksgiving, Detroit, minivan, Ground Hog's Day, McDonald's Order, Craft Fairs, Men are Dead
11/27/2014 27:06

Part One of this Pre-Thanksgiving show comes from 2005. Buzz does the news, Eddie Schwartz is not well and there is a lot of talk about the Starbucks Chi tea, plus there's Chef Hans, and the White Sox trade wire

Chef Hans, Thanksgiving, bad teeth, Chi tea, invisible fence, business cards, White Sox wire, chick-flicks
11/29/2013 00:00 This "Black Friday" Part Two of our Thanksgiving Cornucopia features Buzz's Thanksgiving mashed potatoes trajedy, Steve's love of gravy and his hatred of bad pies. a Toby Keith concert rider, and Steve caught in the middle of a spring backyard pond debate that he never wins. Steve Dahl, Black Friday, Walmart, Buzz Kilman, turkey, Thanksgiving, WCKG, Wendy Snyder, Shopping, The Steve Dahl Podast Network, mashed potatoes, Target, Christmas shopping, gravy
11/28/2013 00:00 Part One of our Thanksgiving Cornucopia, features a dog/turkey fryer accident, we try to find out if turkeys are stupid, Steve gets a ticket at O’Hare, and the staff makes TDay family plans. Grab yourself one of Steve’s “Quirky Turkey “ drinks, and enjoy! Steve Dahl, Buzz Kilman, O'Hare, Thanksgiving, speeding ticket, WCKG, Wendy Snyder, The Steve Dahl Podast Network, fried turkey, gravy, fried turkey and a dog
11/22/2012 00:00 It’s a Steve & Garry Thanksgiving spectacular…with holiday bits from throughout the 80s. You’ll hear a very young Pat Dahl share some innocent holiday cheer as he and Steve discuss the first Thanksgiving. There’s a can’t miss Larry Lujack moment…Uncle Lar joins S&G in studio during a WLS Thanksgiving show and threatens to ram Steve’s head through a wall. You also get the famous Necco Wafers toll basket advice from 1982. Larry Lujack, Steve Dahl, Pat Dahl, Garry Meier, WLS, Thanksgiving, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Necco Wafers, pilgrims, toll baskets
Results: 6 Episodes Found