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08/12/2017 01:35:22 It’s Aloha Friday on part 1 of this WCKG show. It’s also the 25th anniversary of Elvis’death. Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler is in studio. Steve reads a bit from Albert Goldman’s Elvis book. Plus, Otto & George join Steve in studio for puppetry on the radio. Roger Dahl, Hawaii, Elvis Presley, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Stealers Wheel, Reservoir Dogs, Michael Madsen, Roe and Garry
02/25/2017 01:00:47
Part two of the 1983 WLS Show-Steve & Garry take the national spotlight as they appear on Entertainment Tonight. Mary Hart is in studio and takes calls. Steve talk to his parents & brother about the TV show appearance. They seemed genuinely impressed!
Roger Dahl, Carol Dahl, Rick Dahl, Entertainment Tonight, Mary Hart, Dean Richards, Gino’s East, Dixie Whatley
10/15/2016 01:09:26 On this 2000 grab bag show: Steve took an IQ test as a kid. Roger Dahl calls to confirm, & talks about the Navy, & their 50th wedding anniversary party. Steve rewires his home stereo & Janet is mad about the cost of her new car! It’s a mortgage payment! Roger Dahl, Radio Shack, California, Carol Dahl, 50th wedding anniversary, denim shirt, GED, MENSA
08/31/2016 01:28:34 On Day 4 of the Route 66 trip Steve & the 3 boys are broadcasting from the Route 66 magazine gift shop in Williams Az. John Stewart and wife Buffy stop by. John tells some stories and sings some songs & Steve talks about being shaved by Angel Delgadillo. Roger Dahl, Grand Canyon, Snow Cap drive in, Delgadillo brothers, Smokey's Log Cabin, Mojave desert, $100 million dollars, Daydream Believer
07/09/2016 01:27:49 From July '86, as they play with the harmonizer, they sound like Quentin Crisp! The guys prepare to go crusin'! Not that kind of crusin'! Richard Turin from Princess Cruises talks about their trip. Steve calls his dad to see where he was conceived. Roger Dahl, fireworks, Taste Of Chicago, harmonizer, Quentin Crisp, crusin', Steve's conception, Princess Cruises
03/05/2016 01:42:52 It’s a jam packed interview loft on pt 1 of the AM1000 show. They talk with C.W. McCall (William Dale Fries) of Convoy fame. C.W. talks about advertising, and how the hit came about. He’s now mayor of Ouray, Co. Jim Belushi stops by. He talks about what he’s doing now, as well of his love for the Chicago sports teams. Roger Dahl, Carlton fisk, White Sox, Sonny Bono, Carol Dahl, Disney, Peoples Court, Ralph Edwards, Ouray, Touchstone
10/17/2015 00:00

Steve & Garry are broadcasting in San Diego at the Sheraton Harlan Island Hotel, for the 1984 Cubs playoff game against the Padres. Players wives Kathleen Sanderson, Liz Garvey & Vicki Dernier drop by, as well as Roger Dahl, to check out the proceedings.

Roger Dahl, Tijuana, San Diego, Cubs playoffs, Sheraton Harlan Island Hotel, Gems donuts, Fort Wayne, fastest white man in baseball
09/02/2013 00:00

It's part two of Steve's August 31, 2001 WCKG show. There's a whole toteboard full of Jerry Lewis bashing (including a look at The Day The Clown Cried, Jerry's Nazi clown romp that never got released), a phone call to the Bijou Theatre hotline and much more. Enjoy, and Happy Labor Day!

Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Stan Lawrence, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, football, Jerry Lewis, Tammy Faye Bakker, Dan Fellato, Labor Day Telethon, Grayslake, Jerry's Kids, Jim Bakker, Joy Mesada, plane crash, PTL, Restaurant Confidential, The Day The Clown Cried
06/15/2013 00:00

This descent is from the WMVP era. Steve lets his fingers do the walking with Interactive Sports Phone Sex. He also talks to his Mom & Dad to talk about her getting hurt on a toilet, plus a sleepy Jenny McCarthy in the interview loft.

Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Jenny McCarthy, WMVP, Interactive Sports Phone Sex
03/03/2012 40:42 It's time for another Descent into the Archives, now with a new theme song! This week features a variety pack of Steve Dahl goodness from the early 80s at WLS. A newspaper columnist accuses Steve of polluting the airwaves. A John Hinckley/Jodie Foster sitcom? All that and more on this week's Descent into the Archives. Roger Dahl, Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, sitcom, Jodie Foster, Steve Dahl Network, best podcast, Top rated podcast, Descent into the Archives, Carol Dahl, Gay pride parade, John Gehron, John Hinckley
Results: 10 Episodes Found


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