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07/16/2016 01:07:12 July '86 part 2 - Steve & Garry prepare to go crusin’! Richard Turin from Princess Cruises is on talking about their up coming trip. Speaking of crusin', they play with the harmonizer more & the birth of the characters that sounds like Quentin Crisp. Prince, Golden Ox, Riverview Park, Marcus Palmer, Quentin Crisp, Princess Cruises, Cruinin', red light district
03/14/2015 00:00

1982 St Patrick’s Day: the guys take calls, & Kookala Patrol. Jimmy Piersall “flipping the bird” to umpire Dale Ford at the Sox game, Marcus Palmer wears a giant foam hat & looks like a pimp, Steve is worried about an EKG, and Garry has been mean to him.

Donnie & Marie, Jeopardy, St. Patrick's Day, Marcus Palmer, Tainted Love, EKG, fight with Janet, Roger likes Sha Na Na
04/26/2014 00:00

On April 26, 1982, Marcus Palmer left us too soon. This tribute to him has various show clips, his last day on the air before his adenoid surgery, and the day of his unfortunate passing. The show closes with a special song from Steve. 

Maggie Brock, Marcus Palmer, Brant Miller, Judas Priest, Dirty White Boy, snoring, adenoids
10/19/2013 00:00

This foreshadowing Descent from October 26, 1981 features Jeopardy with the classic "Omar Sadat" answer by Marcus Palmer. He passed out and an ambulance was called. Marcus died six months later on April 26, 1982, two days before Pat Dahl's 1st Birthday.

Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Jeopardy, Steve and Garry, The Steve Dahl Show, Halloween, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, squirrels, Marcus Palmer, Omar Sadat
12/29/2012 00:00 It’s just after Christmas and this archive show begins with some dramatic work from Marcus Palmer. He announces that Steve and Garry have been fired. It’s all a joke, of course, and S&G take over. The duo is back from a trip to New York, which they did not enjoy. It gave Steve some ideas for new tourist gifts. Garry witnessed a man vs. pigeon showdown. New York depresses Steve. ABC corporate headquarters was a ghost town and he experienced too much hassling from cabbies and waitresses. New Year’s Eve is approaching and WLS’ upcoming promotion may cause some confusion. They have a countdown with dubious numbering. You’ll also hear Steve’s review of “Shampoo”, which he saw with his ex. Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, WLS, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, New York, Marcus Palmer, ABC, cabbies, Shampoo, Warren Beatty
Results: 5 Episodes Found