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12/15/2017 01:37:22 This ‘02 WCKG show is overbooked with guests! On part 1, plans to organize a Christmas party fall flat. Maggie Brock is in studio. Jim Shorts ran her out of town! Steve finds out how uptight PBS people are when he says nipple at a Soundstage taping. Kevin Matthews, Drew Carey, Jim Shorts, Maggie Brock, PBS, nipple, Christmas party, Simply Ray's, BAC party, bacchanalia, professional fake Irishmen, SoundStage, HDTV, Steve McMichael, Scott Mandl
07/22/2017 01:33:32 Steve & Garry bone up on ribs with Stan Lawrence. Theres no better place in summer to scope hoes & suck bone than The Hunt Club! Chet Chitchat sports, & female listener Amy is in studio for spanking on her 21st birthday! All on part 2 of this 88 show. Kevin Matthews, barbecue, Kevin Butler, Mike Hohensee, Hunt Club, scope hoes, spanking, Terence Trent D'Arby
06/09/2017 01:40:45 Part 2 of S&G’s recap of their rainy Memorial Day. Tyrone Traffic, they take calls, small aircraft stories. In-laws 40th anniversary in Detroit. They play mid-day slot audition tapes. Vanna White’s book on tape, PTL auction, & Kevin Matthews in studio. Kevin Matthews, Richard Lewis, Beastie Boys, Bob Hope, PTL, Vanna White, Tyrone Traffic, small aircraft
12/12/2015 01:51:35 Part 2 from AM1000 1990 with Steve at the transmitter. The AM is back on the air, & Steve heads downtown to finish the show. An eventful flight to/from L.A. over the weekend. In flight movie was Tom Cruise - Days Of Thunder. Calls & non-earthquake talk. Kevin Matthews, earthquake, Taco Bell, boom box, microphone, complete control, bad connection, downtown
12/05/2015 02:06:20 The phone lines are out & the station is off the air. Steve as a broadcast professional, decides to go to the AM transmitter.He has a boombox & a microphone. It’s like playing radio in his bedroom as a kid on KRAP! Kevin Matthews joins him soon after. Kevin Matthews, Taco Bell, WLUP, KRAP, Transmitter, boombox, off air, phone lines are out
04/04/2015 00:00

This grab bag from 1987-89 at the WLUP features Warren Zevon in the interview loft, young Steve as a record producer, Steve home sick but can still talk food. Tom Thayer's mad at Bruce Wolf, Art Vuolo media medfly, & Kevin working his Eddie impersonation.

Kevin Matthews, Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, Ugly american in America, hound dog recording studio, steve is sick, cooking skills, making up the past
12/25/2013 00:00

This is part two of the Steve & Garry radio play of “A Christmas Carol”, live from the Broadcast Museum. A cast of thousands brings to life their rendition of this holiday classic. "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!

Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Tom Thayer, Roger Ebert, Garry Meier, Buzz Kilman, Jim Shorts, Carrie Cochran, Bob Sirott, Rick Telander, Chef Andre, Linda MacLennan, Paul Blair, Paul Hogan, Wes Harrison
08/10/2013 00:00

On part 2 of this full show (5-18-87, WLUP-AM/FM Simulblast), Boston sells out at Alpine Valley, there's a new WGN radio lineup, Paul Steve and Paul Garry, Kevin gets a verbal beat down in studio, and much more. Enjoy!

Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Garry Meier, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Boston, Paul Steve, Bruce Wolf, Joan Rivers, Alpine Valley, Genesis, Gary Dotson, WLUP AM1000, Greek Parade, James Caan, Paul Garry, Tammy Bakker, vegetarianism
08/03/2013 00:00

On part one of this two part full show, we hear Steve and Garry talk about cab drivers, Kevin Matthews taking the day off for a charity event, Janet making fun of Steve's boating, John Travolta,and Timmy Skillethead. 

Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Garry Meier, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Tommy Skillethead, boating, AM1000, hair, Tom Dreesen, cab drivers, charity golf, Lebanese houseguest, pita sandwich, Vanna White
05/11/2013 00:00

Today's Archive show is part 2 of Steve & Garry's first day on WLUP AM1000, May 22, 1987. The guests include Richard Lewis and Kevin Matthews, with everyone feeling the effects of a legendary advertiser party the previous night. Enjoy!

Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Richard Lewis, Garry Meier, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, ribs, Chet Chitchat, WLUP AM1000, Cliff Mansavage, Big Twist, Grundy County, Larry Capoune, paddle board, Sweet Baby Ray, the blues, USS Stark Reagan
Results: 15 Episodes Found