David Lee Roth

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08/05/2017 01:03:40 Harry Shearer is filling in for Steve and Garry. He calls Al Resnick, Chief Engineer of WLS AM, on how the station is improving the transition of AM Stereo. The show is also being heard on KCRW in LA. Jim Johnson with the news & Harry reads the trades. WLS, Pee-Wee Herman, David Lee Roth, KCRW, AM Stereo, Al Resnick, Whiptip cigars, Playboy Club
05/13/2017 01:17:01 This week - there’s a news tape controversy. S & G recap their ride to Alpine Valley to see Jackson Browne. Their limo was late! The driver went to the wrong location! The driver also had a speech impediment! So how bad could it have been? Let’s see! Harold Washington, David Lee Roth, Alpine Valley, Dan Aykroyd, Jackson Browne, Elmer Fudd, NAB convention, too much cocaine
Results: 2 Episodes Found


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