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09/22/2017 01:42:12 On part 2 of this WCKG show, Blockbuster & movie rentals & getting movies from the library. A disappointed Tom Thayer calls in for a Bears report. CNN’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina; They stageddog-finding. Plus, a lot of technical difficulties today! Chicago Bears, Mike Dahl, Ben Gay, Mike Adamle, Les Grobstein, Blockbuster, Fever Pitch, Painted Lady
06/11/2016 01:01:36 On pt.2 of this June 2006 show Ben Gay does an extended sports report. Bob and Ron are in the time out chair. Steve wants to make a tv show out of putting his high school Black Creek back together and Buzz seems to have his own news reporting agenda now! Ben Gay, Bob and Ron, Black Creek, HBO, Reality TV, sports report, time out chair, Buzz's agenda
05/24/2014 00:00

On Part 2 of this full show, we hear about Buzz s DVR problems, Steve discovers new music on his iPod, Tommy Skillethead with weather, a Tyrone traffic report, Ben Gay sports report, Bob & Ron stop by, and the connection to the Da Vinci code & albinos

Ben Gay, Edgar Winter, Foghat, Yes, cable guy, Genesis, Breakfast Club, Ron Howard
Results: 3 Episodes Found