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07/08/2017 59:43 Steve & Garry are backstage at a Bruce Springsteen concert. They have front row tickets & Steve is feeling the pressure! Drummer Max Weinberg’s on to promote his book, The Big Beat. Plus, Nigel & David from Spinal Tap are in to promote an upcoming show. Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, ZZ Top, Alpine Valley, Beatles, Jackson Browne, Max Weinberg, Taste of Utopia
05/13/2017 01:17:01 This week - there’s a news tape controversy. S & G recap their ride to Alpine Valley to see Jackson Browne. Their limo was late! The driver went to the wrong location! The driver also had a speech impediment! So how bad could it have been? Let’s see! Harold Washington, David Lee Roth, Alpine Valley, Dan Aykroyd, Jackson Browne, Elmer Fudd, NAB convention, too much cocaine
05/06/2017 01:26:46 Steve & Garry are preparing for a limo ride to Alpine Valley with Janet & John Roach to see Jackson Browne. Their limo is late! The driver went to the wrong location! S&G work through the limo bad car phone quality to make their brand of radio magic! Milwaukee, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, Alpine Valley, Ron Of Japan, Stone Container building, Cadillac Cimarron
04/08/2017 01:25:22
The Steve & Garry reunion show–part 2. Steve is live at Oak Street Beachstro on this 06 WCKG broadcast. Along with Garry, are Phil Rosenthal, Stan Lawrence & Larkin & Moran Brothers. The news media is buzzing that Steve & Garry will get back together!
Milwaukee, Matt Dahl, Alpine Valley, Jackson Browne, Cliff Mansavage, Dan Falato, Worm Meat, Fox news
08/10/2013 00:00

On part 2 of this full show (5-18-87, WLUP-AM/FM Simulblast), Boston sells out at Alpine Valley, there's a new WGN radio lineup, Paul Steve and Paul Garry, Kevin gets a verbal beat down in studio, and much more. Enjoy!

Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Garry Meier, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Boston, Paul Steve, Bruce Wolf, Joan Rivers, Alpine Valley, Genesis, Gary Dotson, WLUP AM1000, Greek Parade, James Caan, Paul Garry, Tammy Bakker, vegetarianism
Results: 5 Episodes Found


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