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08/18/2017 01:26:18 On part 2 of this WCKG 2002 show-more with Otto & George with puppetry on the radio. Steve’s upset about chicken tic-tac-toe. It’s also the 25th anniversary of Elvis’death & Steve reads more from Albert Goldman’s Elvis book. Plus, Stan & Terry stop by. Hawaii, Elvis Presley, Colonel Sanders, Aloha Friday, Otto & George, chicken tic-tac-toe, Barbara Powell, mosquito holocaust
08/12/2017 01:35:22 It’s Aloha Friday on part 1 of this WCKG show. It’s also the 25th anniversary of Elvis’death. Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler is in studio. Steve reads a bit from Albert Goldman’s Elvis book. Plus, Otto & George join Steve in studio for puppetry on the radio. Roger Dahl, Hawaii, Elvis Presley, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Stealers Wheel, Reservoir Dogs, Michael Madsen, Roe and Garry
08/05/2017 01:03:40 Harry Shearer is filling in for Steve and Garry. He calls Al Resnick, Chief Engineer of WLS AM, on how the station is improving the transition of AM Stereo. The show is also being heard on KCRW in LA. Jim Johnson with the news & Harry reads the trades. WLS, Pee-Wee Herman, David Lee Roth, KCRW, AM Stereo, Al Resnick, Whiptip cigars, Playboy Club
07/29/2017 01:05:27 This grab bag features Buzz’s director buddy Jonathan Demme & actress Thandie Newton. They discuss their movie, The Truth About Charlie.Then they listen to John Williams’conversation with Thomas Jefferson. Plus, a sex on a train story with a twist! Jonathan Demme, John Williams, acid flashback, Thandie Newton, Julian Kilman, Thomas Jefferson, sex acts, Fellini
07/22/2017 01:33:32 Steve & Garry bone up on ribs with Stan Lawrence. Theres no better place in summer to scope hoes & suck bone than The Hunt Club! Chet Chitchat sports, & female listener Amy is in studio for spanking on her 21st birthday! All on part 2 of this 88 show. Kevin Matthews, barbecue, Kevin Butler, Mike Hohensee, Hunt Club, scope hoes, spanking, Terence Trent D'Arby
07/15/2017 01:48:04 On pt 1 of this AM1000 show; the Air Show is in town. Drive-In Reviews with Tony & Buzz. They take a call from a female dental student who describes her panties. Steve wants to make her his new dentist! Carrie Cochran with news, & an Ask Anthony segment. Blue Angels, Old St. Pat's, Father Terry, Panties, Air Show, Nitrous, Trans Am, Lake Effect
07/08/2017 59:43 Steve & Garry are backstage at a Bruce Springsteen concert. They have front row tickets & Steve is feeling the pressure! Drummer Max Weinberg’s on to promote his book, The Big Beat. Plus, Nigel & David from Spinal Tap are in to promote an upcoming show. Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, ZZ Top, Alpine Valley, Beatles, Jackson Browne, Max Weinberg, Taste of Utopia
07/01/2017 01:20:17 Steve & Garry are doing a Breakfast Club Show at a local studio. Steve was hanging out on Lincoln Ave at the blues bars last night. Steve loves to get souvenirs when traveling. They’re playing Journey in an upcoming softball game, & Buzz with the news. The Shaggs, Phil Donahue, HBO, police blotter, Anita Bryant, Great Lakes Dragway, Mt. St. Helens, Earnest Angley
06/24/2017 01:40:39 More with Sam Kinison on part 2 of this descent. They take calls and give tickets away to his appearance that night. Sam takes calls & breaks bad on Ross Shafer, Bobcat Goldthwait and Rick Astley. Then Steve needs to set a PR person straight. Sam Kinison, Buster Poindexter, Poltergeist 3, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kevin Kinison, Head bangers Ball, Carl LaBove, Chef Boyardee
06/17/2017 01:38:56 On part one of this 88 AM 1000 descent, S&G make fun of producer Ricks fake DJ voice, & play his college air checks. Then Sam Kinison joins the guys. Sam's brother had just died, & he starts right in with the death jokes! With Sam, nothings off limits! Sam Kinison, Kevin Kinison, Pioneer Chicken, White Fence, Jumers lodge, White Fence Farm, Head bangers Ball, Holiday Starr
Results: 301 Episodes Found


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