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05/25/2018 01:21:27 On part 2 of this 1987 show, Joe Walsh Drummer Joe Vitale calls in. Chet Chitchat sports. They talk “Dad’s of the year”. Stan Lawrence calls in. They talk to Jim from Second Hand Tunes. Then Kevin Matthews is on for an “Ask Mr. Rogers” segment. Joe Walsh, lottery, Joe Vitale, Bowery Boys, Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey Kevin Matthews, CHA, Second Hand Tunes
05/18/2018 01:40:16 On pt 1 - Bob Stroud’s in London for the Sgt Pepper 20th anniversary. A recap of Steve's "courtesy to Garry" night film. Garry was out with Thayer & ran into Gary Dotson's brother in law. They call WLXP DJ Gene Olson about his PTL Monopoly money stunt. bob stroud, Jim Bakker, Abbey Road, Sgt Pepper, Absinthe, WLXP, Gene Olson, Tammy Fay Bakker, Wisk bottle
05/11/2018 01:23:07 On partt 2 of this AM1000 show. Protesters scout Winnetka for scattered housing, take calls, bash Wally Phillips’ schtick from the Governor’s luncheon. People are getting used to the AM! Playing some old WCLF jingles, & sports salaries VS player motivation. Dick Biondi, menudo, Lou Malnati's, Liberace, Wally Phillips, Harry Shearer, say no to drugs, Otis Wilson, WCFL, Barney Pip, Tom Joyner, Protesters in Winnetka, Michael McCaskey, Jim McMahon roast, Polish cleaning ladies, Doninick’s, Mexican cheese
05/04/2018 01:37:38 Pt 1 of this 1987 full show-Pat Dahl’s birthday party over the weekend. Mayor Washington is inaugurated, Protesters scout Winnetka for scattered housing, & Gary Hart is in trouble. There’s an uproar in Wisconsin about Native Americans spear fishing. Roger Dahl, Chicago Bears, Harold Washington, Rick Dahl, Rod McKuen, Japanese tongue bath, spear fishing, Pat’s birthday party, Wife Swap Shop, Winnetka, PTL ministry, Babe Winkelman, Native Americans, Bait & tackle shops, Roach Lake, Al Souk
04/27/2018 01:30:20 On this partial ’85 show, Janet’s about to give birth to baby #3! She’s upset with Steve for not being more attentive. Kathy Crowell Webb is in the news with the Dotson trial. Plus, Paul Shaffer from The Letterman show calls in, & disappoints Steve! Arby's, Gary Coleman, Paul Shaffer, Deborah Norville, Kathy Crowell Webb, Bloomington, false labor, Chicago Cubsm
04/20/2018 55:27 On part 2 of this WLUP show - They take calls. Some Larry Lujack & Patrick Duffy bashing. A Streets & San guy hassles Steve on the way in & they talk product spokespersons. Bruce Wolf sports. They play audio from Pat’s party & talk to the birthday boy. Larry Lujack, Pat Dahl, Dallas, Eddie Schwartz, Harold Washington, birthday party, Patrick Duffy, product spokesperson, Pat Piper
04/13/2018 54:19 On part 1 of this 1986 show - Steve has audio to play from Pat’s birthday party. Janet gave the kids party favors in painted metal buckets. Rob Feder & Gary Deeb don’t like S&G at the moment for all sorts of things! Plus, why is Buzz upset with Steve? Disco Demolition!, WLS, CBS, Rob Feder, Jonathon Brandmeier, Pat’s birthday, Gary Deeb, fourth estate
04/06/2018 01:29:52 They try to remember the point of dodgeball on part 2 of this WCKG show. Steve says you're guaranteed beer & wine at a party. The has been bands are touring the festival circuit. Plus, Buzz with the news – a reward is offered in the Laci Peterson case. Walter E. Smithe, Ribfest, REO Speedwagon, dodge ball, Yanni, Prezence, Sister Hazel, Laci Peterson
03/30/2018 01:44:12 It’s baseball & wine on pt 1 of this full show. The Sox are back at US Cellular Field after winning the World Series. This leads into tee-ball & little league talk. The boys are amused by Steve does! Plus, why did Bill Murray pay for a meal he wasn’t at? Robert De Niro, White Sox, Craig Gass, Bill Murray, U.S. Cellular Field, tee ball, CNP, Tribeca, Friday song, Yanni
03/24/2018 54:37 On this grab bag – WLS AM’s Turi Ryder has been getting a lot of press, & Steve & Garry wonder why! Ask Tommy Skillethead. A recap of dinner with Harry, Dan, with Steve’s parents at the house last night. Tyrone’s new “lady service”, & Jim Johnson news. Roger Dahl, Chinese food, Carol Dahl, Turi Ryder, gypsy shag, peasant dresses, Steve Casey, New Trier, The Kennedy’s, Tyrone, David Kennedy
Results: 341 Episodes Found