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03/28/2017 01:40:00 Bob and Ron are back with a new show! They talk music, records . . . and pot, I'm guessing. Look, who knows what the show's really about, I zoned. Last I recall, Bob spoke about seals, Ron told of all the people at work asking him to open jars. Twitter, seals, Jars, Pickles, Monkees Head, Califone, Boxhead Ensemble, Listener Charlie calls in
07/30/2014 00:00

It's #52! So, whoopee! Speaking of outrageous parties, Ron's reading a book! A book about an outrageous partier, Papa John Phillips. Although "party" may be the wrong word for his hijinks. Bob talks about Twitter, a lot. Actually, he more speaks in Tweets

Twitter, Papa John Phillips, green Gucci bag, virality, #CinnamonClamsCrunch, Humble Pie, Bonzo Dog Band, Funky 5th
09/26/2013 00:00

In this meeting of the POTCAST we decide to stop keeping track of the shows,since we do a new one every week, We discuss rerun and the infamous bootlegging episode of whats happnin',more discussion of the "Lsickness' bob sees a dead body,oh yeah,we also discuss some records, the solo works of PETE TOWNSHEND"SCOOP" bob's "TWITTER MACHINE", Warner Brothers "promo" LPs, we discuss the shirtless,bombastic amazingness of GRAND FUNK! yes,grand funk. what year is it? WE DON"T KNOW!?!?!?

redskins, radio, sports, Twitter, idiots, HASH, pot, loud, Vinyl, bobandron, LPs, BRRC, HASHTAG, dahl, Stupid, shirtless, bizarre, bootleg, grandfunk, lsickness, melbrooks, potatoes, rerun, scoop, skunkbaxter, straight, townshend, WB
08/22/2013 00:00

In this week's record club meeting, we answer emails, discuss olde tyme radio,  Flo and Eddie, The Turtles, Black Sabbath, and RPF(records per foot). Then we dissect the classic amazing country/psych Byrds album,"The Notorious Byrd Brothers" from 1968. Another silly episode...wont you join us? 

The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Twitter, Bob and Ron, LPs, RPF, albums, Black Sabath, country/psych, email, Flo and Eddie, math, mixtape, number nine, old time radio, records per foot, The Notorious Byrd Brothers, The Turtles
07/18/2013 00:00

How many times can we hear Rumours and still find something new? How many times can we buy The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus? How many records in a linear foot? When did pedestrians become so entitled? All these answers and more, on today's Bob and Ron get together.

Facebook, The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Twitter, Bob and Ron, Cheech and Chong, Frank Zappa, LPs, 420, Apostrophe, Basketball Jones, crosswalks, pedestrians, pricing, Randy California, record cleaning, Rumours, supergroup, The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
Results: 5 Episodes Found


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