The Monkees

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08/07/2017 01:14:04 Bob & Ron have a new show but the same old problems. Bob's hi-fi is hospitalized, Ron has a fancy new mic. So listen for the improved sound as they talk music, records, and movies about music. Then Bob & Ron eat a plate of Salsaghetti (NOT a typo)! Donald Fagen, KISS, The Monkees, Salsaghetti, Philip Glass, Candyman, Tommy James, Love Theme
09/22/2016 01:19:10 This episode begins with a rare behind the scenes outtake. Hold on, scratch that. It's a just a horrible start with technical issues. But Bob & Ron quickly recover to discuss The Monkees, The Stones, The 1970s, some incredible garage sale finds, and smells. Then later Ron disapproves of what's in Bob's shopping cart, but approves of what's new in his record bag. Plus, Bob would be in favor of killing Hitler using a time machine, but under one condition. Listen to find out what! garage sale, peanut butter, The Monkees, Cap’n Crunch, Smell memory, Supermarket, Bad beginning, Salad
03/06/2014 00:00

Bob & Ron have something special for all of you who wish they could play more than just 15 seconds of a song! No they don't get to play a full song, but they do play 15 seconds of Uriah Heep that will leave you demanding they now be limited to 5 seconds

Monty Python, Martellus Bennett, The Monkees, pot, Uriah Heep, naked ladies on TV, Kick It Up A Nacho
Results: 3 Episodes Found


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