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11/14/2013 00:00 Get your leopard-skin phones on, or earbuds if you must, and prepare yourself to listen to potcast 22.  But first, a CORRECTION: Near the end of the show Bob meant to say "Scary Monsters" the Lp not "Ashes to Ashes" the song while talking about some of Robert Fripp's greatest rock guitar work. That is not Bob or Ron's opinion, it is what Mr. Fripp said himself. But we don't disagree, the guitar work on David Bowie's "Scary Monsters" album is incredible.   Now that that's cleared up, put your leopard-skin phones on and get ready to go… Wait… Wait a second. It just dawned on us that maybe killing a leopard, a truely majestic feline, just for a pair of leopard-skin headphones is cruel and unnecessary. And yes it takes one whole leopard to make a pair of headphones. You see, there's only a small patch of fur that has the perfect audio qualities needed in headphone construction.   We will now devote our time to develop a synthetic leopard-skin substitute. We plan on calling them Leopard-skin Headphonies®.   Until then, just hook your podcast machine to your hi-fi and enjoy the show. radio, Podcast, records, Yes, Genesis, Vinyl, bob, bobandron, ron, POTCAST, LPs, PSYCH, PSYCHEDELIC, PROGRESSIVEROCK, BRRC, mymnbh, recordclub, HASHTAG, KINGCRIMSON, PROGVEMBER, Bowie, MELLOTRON, FRIPP, GENTLEGIANT
08/08/2013 00:00

Meeting #7 of the potcast brings Bob and Ron to discuss sandwiches, record cleaning, pelts, donuts, WKRP and Television...what does it all mean? We have no idea. We answer your emails, dissect BOWIE's classic "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars."and generally stink up the airwaves with our potly musk. smell the magic....

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Results: 2 Episodes Found