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01/02/2014 00:00

 Bob and Ron would like to grab an armful of vinyl records by some new artists, but the high prices on new vinyl prohibit experimentation. Paying $30 for a record by a group you're not sure you like is crazy.   Bob and Ron have discovered many many groups by just buying random albums for a few bucks or less, and will continue to do so. It is one of the joys of record collecting. It's too bad that it may be slipping away.   They also talk about the vinyl pressings of "Hardcore Vol 1&2" from Devo, and Sundazed's mono pressing of "Safe As Milk" from Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band. Plus Bob's dad brought one more Lp from Amsterdam, and it's a good one. And if that wasn't enough, Ron tries to talk computers with Bob. So sit back and enjoy.

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12/12/2013 00:00 Steve Dahl comes through and buys a new supercomputer for Bob & Ron. On this, their first podcast back, the boys spend 3 hours reading the owner's manual. But thankfully that has been edited out, and you are left with about 45 minutes of record-talk.    Ron explains why vinyl really does sound better than digital files using science. And Bob shares his Black Friday Record Store Day buys, plus a bonus Cyber-Monday purchase using his mouth.   Ron also breaks down a clear example of Todd Rundgren's genius, side one of Todd's album "Faithful". An album so nice Ron's bought it twice. Check that, he's bought it five times.   So enjoy podcast number 25, the first on the new BoRo-2000 supercomputer. Although when Ron called Bob and said that Steve was sending over the supercomputer, Bob said "Soup." radio, Podcast, records, Vinyl, bob, bobandron, ron, POTCAST, LPs, PSYCHEDELIC, PROGRESSIVEROCK, BRRC, mymnbh, recordclub, HASHTAG, RUNDGREN, TODD, FAITHFUL PSYCH, RECORDSTOREDAY, RSD . DYLAN, TRI

class="p1">The boys get a little misty eyed as they say goodbye to Progvember. Where does the time go? Seems as the universe is spinning at seventy-eight rpm instead of thirty-three and a third rpm.

 They also discuss sitcoms seemingly unaware that they do a show about record collecting. Although they are lucid enough to remind everyone about Black Friday Record Store Day. So that's good.

 They wanted to play "Alice's Restraunt" by Arlo Guthrie, which is a Bob and Ron Thanksgiving Day tradition, but doing it 15 seconds at a time was maddening. So you'll have to play it yourself at your Thanksgiving gathering.


 Among bands mentioned on this potcast… Hawkwind, Van Der Graaf Generator, and The Undisputed Truth. Enjoy.

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11/21/2013 00:00 The Progvember® celebration continues. Will it never end? This month is longer than a tune from Topographic Oceans…or a Rick Wakeman cape!   Progvember® may be fun and laughs, but the boys get serious on this special podcast. It seems some computer-coding nerds are trying to claim Progvember® as their own. As anyone can see, Progvember® has a little "®" next to it. That means it legally belongs to Bob and Ron. At least that's what they believe.   So download the potcast now and hear the Dahl Network progrock nerds take on the computer nerds.   Plus they expose a shady Ebay Led Zeppelin description, discuss the Black Friday Record Store Day releases, and mention random groups like Van Der Graaf Generator, L.A. Guns, and the mighty Hawkwind. eBay, radio, Podcast, records, Yes, CAPES, Genesis, Vinyl, bob, bobandron, ron, POTCAST, LPs, PSYCH, PSYCHEDELIC, PROGRESSIVEROCK, BRRC, mymnbh, recordclub, HASHTAG, HAWKWIND, KINGCRIMSON, PROGVEMBER, VDGG, LEDZEP
11/14/2013 00:00 Get your leopard-skin phones on, or earbuds if you must, and prepare yourself to listen to potcast 22.  But first, a CORRECTION: Near the end of the show Bob meant to say "Scary Monsters" the Lp not "Ashes to Ashes" the song while talking about some of Robert Fripp's greatest rock guitar work. That is not Bob or Ron's opinion, it is what Mr. Fripp said himself. But we don't disagree, the guitar work on David Bowie's "Scary Monsters" album is incredible.   Now that that's cleared up, put your leopard-skin phones on and get ready to go… Wait… Wait a second. It just dawned on us that maybe killing a leopard, a truely majestic feline, just for a pair of leopard-skin headphones is cruel and unnecessary. And yes it takes one whole leopard to make a pair of headphones. You see, there's only a small patch of fur that has the perfect audio qualities needed in headphone construction.   We will now devote our time to develop a synthetic leopard-skin substitute. We plan on calling them Leopard-skin Headphonies®.   Until then, just hook your podcast machine to your hi-fi and enjoy the show. radio, Podcast, records, Yes, Genesis, Vinyl, bob, bobandron, ron, POTCAST, LPs, PSYCH, PSYCHEDELIC, PROGRESSIVEROCK, BRRC, mymnbh, recordclub, HASHTAG, KINGCRIMSON, PROGVEMBER, Bowie, MELLOTRON, FRIPP, GENTLEGIANT
11/07/2013 00:00 Come join Bob and Ron as they celebrate the start of Progvember. Unlike Rocktober, which is a fake holiday made up by corporate radio goons, Progvember is a fake holiday made up by Bob and Ron. So get ready to lie down with the lamb. It will be a caped affair, meaning you must wear a cape to listen. If you are not wearing a cape your download will be blocked. They also discuss Mellotrons, Pia Zadora, and flying teapots. (Sounds like the usual show) Plus they answer some tweets and emails and talk about the new Rascals live show "Once Upon A Dream". Don't worry they haven't seen it, so there will be no spoilers. Other artists mentioned… Yes, Gong, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, Fingerprintz, Old And In The Way, The Pumphouse Gang, Batman and Rubin, ELP, Jimi Hendrix, The Flaming Lips, and more. So put your headphones on and get ready to go, "prepare" yourself for a stereo show. radio, Podcast, lamb, Rascals, records, Yes, GONG, Genesis, Vinyl, bob, bobandron, ron, POTCAST, LPs, PSYCH, PSYCHEDELIC, PROGRESSIVEROCK, BRRC, mymnbh, recordclub, HASHTAG, KINGCRIMSON, PROGVEMBER, MELLOTRON, ELP, FLAMINGLIPS, FLEETWOODMAC, HENDRIX, PIA, SOFTMACHINE
09/26/2013 00:00

In this meeting of the POTCAST we decide to stop keeping track of the shows,since we do a new one every week, We discuss rerun and the infamous bootlegging episode of whats happnin',more discussion of the "Lsickness' bob sees a dead body,oh yeah,we also discuss some records, the solo works of PETE TOWNSHEND"SCOOP" bob's "TWITTER MACHINE", Warner Brothers "promo" LPs, we discuss the shirtless,bombastic amazingness of GRAND FUNK! yes,grand funk. what year is it? WE DON"T KNOW!?!?!?

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09/19/2013 00:00

BOB HAS A CLIPBOARD! A SCALE! OH BOY! what a nerd. THE experiment continues! we talk JAMES GANG , "Lsickness" , the loss of Ron's prize copy of "PINK MOON", GONG, TODD, TRAFFIC, so many stories so little time..must press on....

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09/12/2013 00:00

How Crazy, it only took 12 meetings for Bob and Ron to completely lose their minds. Good thing we got it on tape. Please enjoy this very special episode of the POTCAST. We discuss the psychedelic sounds of Bill Cosby, Barbara Streisand and We also discuss James Phelge,friend of the show and friend of The Rolling Stones.The solo works of Pete Townshend,STYX and more.. How can this all tie together? IT DOES......


OH BOY HOWDY! Another meeting of THE BOB AND RON"S RECORD CLUB POTCAST! In this episode we discuss Funkadelic, Afros, Steve Miller Band (again), JETHRO TULL, Patti Smith, MOOGs, LSD movies, and we discuss the catalog of TEN YEARS AFTER...What could possibly go wrong? yep....everything!

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Results: 12 Episodes Found