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01/21/2015 00:00

This week marks show number 72! And as regular listeners know 72 is a magical number to the members of Bob and Ron's Record Club. 1972 was a great year in music, and 72 is the official standard measurement of RPF. Play the potcast, you'll see. Enjoy!

1972, The Grateful Dead, Jam off, grifters, doctor my soup, butterfingers, one man band, that's a typewriter
08/08/2013 00:00

Meeting #7 of the potcast brings Bob and Ron to discuss sandwiches, record cleaning, pelts, donuts, WKRP and Television...what does it all mean? We have no idea. We answer your emails, dissect BOWIE's classic "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars."and generally stink up the airwaves with our potly musk. smell the magic....

The Steve Dahl Podcast Network, Television, 1972, donuts, WKRP, idiots, Ziggy Stardust, Jefferson Airplane, Vinyl, BRRC, mymnbh, RPF, Bowie, VPI, NYPUNK, PELT, record cleaner, record weight, titebond 2, woodglue
Results: 2 Episodes Found