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08/07/2017 01:14:04 Bob & Ron have a new show but the same old problems. Bob's hi-fi is hospitalized, Ron has a fancy new mic. So listen for the improved sound as they talk music, records, and movies about music. Then Bob & Ron eat a plate of Salsaghetti (NOT a typo)! Donald Fagen, KISS, The Monkees, Salsaghetti, Philip Glass, Candyman, Tommy James, Love Theme
07/26/2017 01:20:14 Bob & Ron are back! Well Ron is, Bob never left. He never goes anywhere. Although they did see a play at the Steppenwolf Theater. They think they're better than us, now? They took advantage of Steve Dahl when he was vulnerable, Ron meets John Fogerty! John Fogerty, Spirit, The B-52's, Meeting Steve Dahl, Todd Rundgren, Here come the judge, Nite City, Hi-fi repair
06/22/2017 01:33:07 Bob & Ron sit down on the Summer Solstice to talk records and stuff. Bob controls the weather, so they must be wizards. But to be honest, all the Manson, Goblin, and 666 talk make us at Dahl HQ a little nervous when we see them in the cafeteria. gabagool, spinal tap, Bob and Ron's Italian Accents, Green Tambourine, BubbleGum Music, Charlie Manson, Todd Calls In, Luna
06/06/2017 01:30:43 Bob & Ron are back to a duo as their new "friend" Dino fled back to LA naked, frightened and terrified. They still talk about Dino for 98% show, the other 72% they discuss Captain Beefheart, Can, Caravan, Billy Cobham, and that's just the C's! Dino, Captain Beefheart, Caravan, Billy Cobham, Jazz Fusion, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, Hedgehog Disclosures
05/22/2017 01:57:50 For the first time ever, Bob & Ron welcome a guest into B&R HQ. It's Dino Stamatopoulos! Once the Bat-gas wore off he started spilling the beans on his entire career, including present and upcoming projects. It's a special all-Dino episode of Bob & Ron! Ben Stiller, Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Mr. Show, Dino Stamatopoulos, Andy Dick, Moral Orel
05/12/2017 01:07:04 Bob and Ron are back and they've never talked about records less. Bob comes up with another million dollar invention, but it won't be mentioned here since it's a sure-fire, can't-miss idea to make them rich. They do talk records but mostly food and TV. Dino, Michael McDonald, J Geils, Slim Jim, What's Happening!!, Doobie Brothers, Rerun Dancing, Bubble Jazz
05/01/2017 01:19:44 Ron finally got a break from work and used his free time by recording a podcast with Bob. They talk about records Bob bought, and discuss Ron meeting President Obama. Yep, you read that correctly . . . Bob bought more records. So tune in for the story. President Obama, Bob Dylan, moondance, Record Store Day, New vinyl, Van Morrison, Astral Weeks, Electric Prunes
03/28/2017 01:40:00 Bob and Ron are back with a new show! They talk music, records . . . and pot, I'm guessing. Look, who knows what the show's really about, I zoned. Last I recall, Bob spoke about seals, Ron told of all the people at work asking him to open jars. Twitter, seals, Jars, Pickles, Monkees Head, Califone, Boxhead Ensemble, Listener Charlie calls in
03/03/2017 01:19:11 You've been waiting for a new meeting of Bob & Ron's Record Club and your patience has paid off! They spend time on sleep paralysis. These guys are weirder than we first thought here at SDHQ, so while we call security you listen to Bob & Ron! Facetime, Casper, phone calls, Sleep Paralysis, Archeology, Tzatziki, TV Remote, Ron' Microphone
02/14/2017 01:33:22 Bob and Ron finally remember to read messages from Record Club members, one was lucky enough to meet Denny Laine! They also talk Monkees, John Prine, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Pretty Things, Country Joe, and of course The Fish. Plus the Mountain Bus! Woodstock, Mountain Bus, Country Joe, Pretty Things, Cross Talk, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Letters, Aphrodite's Child
Results: 128 Episodes Found


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