Matt & Brendan

The Matt and Brendan Show (a.k.a. Mad Dog and Doc Rhubarb) features a couple of bros talkin’ ’bout all the shit that’s going down. That shit has evolved from their first days as a duo on WCKG, when they were both men about town.  Now there’s actual shit, since Matt went and got married and had a baby.

The bromance remains the same.  There’s good time stories, heartwarming bro moments, party girls, E! news and a boatload more.  Occasionally there are guest appearances by Jackson (baby) and Walter (dog) as the show is recorded at Matt’s suburban bungalow.

They now live vicariously through each other: Brendan shares his love of hip-hop and Bulls, bars and babes. Matt entices Brendan to find true love and domestic bliss with tales explaining how he barters with his wife for hockey club, band practice and the remote control. SO far, Greese ain’t biting.  He does, however, attempt to be a good surrogate Uncle who lingers post-show to play and eat dinner.

They bring their humorous and quirky eyes to everyday, USA.  Their podcast is relatable and sometimes uncomfortable. Mostly, it is always funny.  Echoes of a young Steve Dahl exist in this show.  With no interruptions or censoring.