Kevin Matthews

The radio voice of Kevin Matthews has been heard on airways in the Midwest for over 25 years, with Kev and his cast of characters logging 20 years over 3 signals in Chicago.

Kev began his radio career in 1978 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He conquered Western Michigan, pit stopped in St. Louis then landed at WLUP in Chicago. Here he joined legendary broadcasters like Steve and Garry, Jonathan Brandmeir, Buzz Kilmann, Bruce Wolf and Bob Stroud. With unprecedented freedom and managerial support from the front office, he added his own legends, most famously, Jim Shorts, sports commentator and broadcaster. With Jim’s sage advice and insight, listeners have had unprecedented misfortune at the sports book. Mike Ditka and Michael Jordan can claim the distinction of being interviewed by a puppet.

Most recently, Kev has returned to his beloved Grand Rapids. His edgy wit and self- effacing humor informs his quest to live well with MS. He continues to share his world, real and imaginary, in two weekly podcast episodes that showcase his unique theater of the mind.

Kevin has done it all, baby. Stand-up, music, TV- he’s been there, done that. He still has the passion to share his dynamic humor, and prefers it unfiltered and uninterrupted. Is it wrong? He even wants to be a part of your dinner hour: he wrote a cookbook titled This Book Could Kill You – Recipes To Die For, which features his favorite recipes and stories from the heart.