Bob & Ron

Bob and Ron refuse to harsh your mellow. They want to expand your world, to the early days of progressive rock and roll, which was delivered via the vinyl LP.

Bob and Ron have spent years collecting 1st runs, 1st pressings and very special albums. Their combined collection is near the 10′s of thousands and growing every day. Bob and Ron’s Record Club plays highlights and discusses vinyl long-playing recorded albums. During the featured song clips, carefully chosen by Bob and Ron, you will even hear some snaps, crackles, and pops. Its what they like to call “warmth.”

The Record Club allows you to hear samples from a variety of music. They play the artists you know but the songs you may not. There is music for the body and there is music for the mind. They are tour guides on a magical tour.

Ron plays guitar for Margot and the Nuclear So-So’s, and works on independent films.  Bob is a professional canine companion and music archivist. They speak the language of music.

Hang out with Bob and Ron, and enjoy The Record Club. You’ll get to sample some great music, while enjoying the banter of these two best friends, who happen to be very serious about good herbs, good music and great classic vinyl.