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05/26/2017 01:02:23 Steve, Dag and Brendan celebrate this Friday with Buzz Kilman! Buzz shares his struggles looking for work, memories from the movie business and how to make a turtle feel loved. Steve pitches an idea to Buzz & the guys look ahead to Memorial Day weekend! Chet Coppock, Buzz Kilman, Denzel Washington, Jonathan Demme, Piranha man, Dahl-a-palooza, World Turtle Day, Below Deck Mediterranean
05/25/2017 01:04:54 Steve and Dag's first exchange leads Steve to play some Carlton Maloney audio. Steve and Brendan agree they both love Pierce Brosnan & Thursday means Ask Janet! Janet stops by to talk about Rosie and one question transports them to a weird NPR game show! McDonald's, gambling, ABBA, Pierce Brosnan, Carlton Maloney, Copper Rock Steakhouse, table manners, Bahamas
05/24/2017 01:06:59 ​Lots of music start ups and failures today as Steve messes around on his computer. Brendan finds a Steely Dan piano medley and Steve gets hooked on a Sugarloaf song. Frijole Joe stops by for Guacamole Wednesday and promises to kill for the Stever. Steely Dan, Frijole Joe Gaspar, Change password, Xyzal, Jeopardy answer, Sugarloaf, Poodles, Bike lock
05/23/2017 01:04:34 Steve and the guys start off praising brioche bread. Steve meets 'Cody the Pedicab Driver' for the first time and Brendan shares a story from Hipster Country. 'John Travolta' talks movies and elderly sex & the guys ponder the meaning of 'craft-baked'. Turkey sandwiches, Brioche bread, Miriam Webster, Matt & Brendan, Maggot Johnson, Freddy Mercury, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Tate’s Bake Shop
05/22/2017 01:00:41 Steve's feeling accomplished after working on his home studio all weekend. Dag talks about his son's high school graduation and in a podcast exclusive, a song from Dag's new band The Sunshine Boys! Plus a short but sweet surprise guest appearance! Bob and Ron, Elbo Room, The Sunshine Boys, Love you man, Ray Kroc, High School graduation, Coach Quenneville, Construction cranes
05/19/2017 01:01:49 Steve starts the show all aflutter because he found a water delivery service to fill his pool! The guys talk about healthy body fat percentages and David Wexler chats about a sale at The Little Guys. Plus Steve ponders a run for office & your phone calls! Modern Family, Oakbrook, Water truck, The Dancing Noodles, Elbo Room, The Sunshine Boys, Body Fat Percentage, Sound bars
05/18/2017 01:03:41 Steve's a bit peeved he can't fill his pool due to a Western Springs water use limit. Brendan shares celebrity tributes to musician Chris Cornell and Janet stops by every Thursday to answer your questions! Captain America, Friday Night Lights, Western Springs, Extemporaneous notes, Water limit, Not as bad as Satan, Bed Pan, Chris Cornell
05/17/2017 01:00:38 Steve shares his wish that life was more like the Aladdin musical he recently saw. "John Travolta" stops by to address rumors of a piano bar man-date he was on in Florida. Plus Frijole Joe Gaspar joins the guys for an impromptu Guacamole Wednesday! Van Halen, John Travolta, Frijole Joe Gaspar, Madonna, Arabian Nights costume, Disney Princesses, Piano Bar, Elephant Skin
05/16/2017 59:02 Steve kicks off the show energized by a nap, which was induced by a chicken-filled brunch. Brendan tells of his weekend in Madison and the guys react to rumors of Eric & Kathy breaking up. Plus stories of stolen pens & vigorous public masturbation. Chick-fil-A, Madison, Wally’s, Wedge pillow, Steve Levitan, Eric & Kathy, The Nib Smith, Brain lubricant
05/15/2017 50:04 On this glorious Monday, Papa returns to the podcast! Steve, Dag and Brendan joyfully reconnect after a few weeks apart and vocally comfort one another. Steve takes us through the highlights of his surgery, recovery and some lessons learned. Enjoy! loose cannon, Aladdin, Old Country Buffet, Berwyn, Gallon of laxative, Chew everything, Complete each other, Doctor’s orders
Results: 1517 Episodes Found


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