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07/27/2017 59:33 Steve's puzzled by his inability to sleep before 4 am. The guys recap their Hooters appearance last night, Dag and Brendan recall an evening spent together in Bucktown. Steve looks forward to his New York trip but is devastated by new information. The Today Show, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Old Bucktown, Remote Broadcasting, Heineken Girls, Athens, Fiberglass statue, Typical Platt
07/26/2017 01:06:23 Steve's enjoying the challenge of negotiating real estate while podcasting, and brings the guys along for the ride. Frijole Joe stops by so Brendan shares an electric bikes news piece. Steve reviews a Broadway revival play & gives everyone fidgety feet! Billy Joel, Triple Macchiato, Butter on coffee cake, Huffing their own chemical, Negotiating in real time, Regional treasure, Fidgety Feet, Tiernan Shank
07/25/2017 01:05:23 Steve's unimpressed with today's radio standards after talking up songs for the station. "John Travolta" stops by to talk his new movie, doing his own stunts and fun nights out! Then Brendan shares a new viral trend & Steve looks forward to a musical! John Travolta, The Wolf of Wall Street, Talk up the record, Double espresso, Hairpiece, Dance Doctor, April Rose, Nobody prances like you
07/24/2017 01:12:06 Steve starts this week off from home and is plagued by tech issues. The guys discuss their favorite HBO shows and Brendan shares some social media shade thrown over radio station headphones. Steve rifles through PR pitch emails & stereo vs mono audio! King crab legs, Gap year, PDF, Sucky Home Goods, Stereo vs mono, Rape fantasy, Free HBO, Gif of Jiff
07/21/2017 01:01:26 Steve's feeling good after a massage last night followed by a Mexican feast. Steve shares memories of the Baby Doll Polka Club with the guys & are verified Twitter handles better? Plus Buzz Kilman calls in to talk Charlie Manson, weight loss & tattoos! Buzz Kilman, OJ Simpson, Fake News, Charlie Manson, Baby doll polka club, Chicken sausage, Verified Twitter, Obese mannequins
07/20/2017 01:02:40 Steve's a bit discombobulated after a disagreeable meeting with "the Bolge" & using an uncooperative cash machine. Brendan shares a lesson from his new dermatologist & OJ Simpson is granted parole. Plus Janet talks stain removal, marital angst & dog care! OJ Simpson, Apple Watch, ESPN 30 for 30, Sweet ass Mr. Greeley, Insufficient Funds, Fatty soap, Young shepherd, Shock collar
07/19/2017 01:01:19 Steve's cooling off after a 'near-incident' at the station, but smooths things over with a phone call. Then Frijole Joe calls in to translate a Shakira song for Steve. Dag points out a grammatical error in a Mo'town classic & Steve's Japanese conflict! Radio Hall Of Fame, Shakira, At your own peril, Life’s too short, Umbrage about profanity, Top tube, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, On Your Left
07/18/2017 59:28 Steve's riding high after eating some candy orange slices, so the guys ponder their favorite fruits. Dag vents some artistic frustrations & Steve helps program the radio station. Then the guys visit Cody the Pedicab driver in Denver for lessons on life. orange slices, little league game, Broadway in Chicago, AYSO Soccer, Cookie Lady, Boomer on Boomer crime, Double flip, Famous Anus
07/17/2017 01:04:32 Steve starts off after an impromptu radio show meeting. Brendan shares his newfound love of golf, prompting Steve to recall some golf memories of his own. The guys decide they should play together. Steve plays some favorite air checks from past DJ's! Steak Towel, golf, Fuck you note, Lamaze classes, Bob Wall DJ, Russ O'hara, Too many boats, Flood insurance
07/14/2017 01:08:59 Steve and Dag bring in Donnie to sit in while Brendan is gone. Steve takes some calls from listeners, and his headache medicine shipment gets delayed. The guys eventually get to talk to Brendan, who was out golfing before a friend's rehearsal wedding. Guitar, The Bolge, Panties, Meathead, Glue Guy, Electric Fence, Festus Kleppin, Dairy Before the Show
Results: 1560 Episodes Found


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