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03/27/2017 01:04:00 This gloomy Monday inspires Steve to examine an old expression about March weather. Steve & Dag look at emerging trends in country music, a TV show sends Steve down memory lane. Brendan shares a failed pitch for a Paul Walker statue & your phone calls! John Belushi, Paul Walker, Darius Rucker, socrates, Millennials, Rodeo Clown, Little Big Town, San Clemente
03/24/2017 59:03 Steve starts the show being interviewed by James Van Osdol about Steve's days on The Loop, as the station is celebrating 40 years! Dag and Brendan are left literally speechless & old men help each other with Twitter. Plus, some boob talk! Disco Demolition!, The Loop, Twitter, Drugs, James Van Osdol, Pope Slap, Staring at boobs, Life expectancy
03/23/2017 01:03:18 Steve and the guys try not to swear on today's podcast, and find it impossible. Brendan gets the #petcrunchchallenge organized & Steve shares an ability he's had since childhood. Thursdays are Ask Janet, send questions to! Ann Landers, Burp on command, Say It With Stickers, The Monks, National Puppy Day, Little Deadbolts, Misinformation, Wild Fantasies
03/22/2017 01:01:26 Steve and Dag start by giving Brendan tips for attracting a good mate. The guys debate whether Will Smith ripped off the 'Men In Black' theme song and the value of Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey. Plus Dr.'s Keith and Samantha Sklar stop by to examine Steve. Eminem, Tom Brady, Boat shoes, Dynamic couple, Go needier, Successes and Failures, Special K, Men In Black
03/21/2017 01:05:15 Steve is not feeling well and is bashful to say why. Steve explains how a social media faux pas led to a knifing threat to Donny. Brendan cites a Winnie The Pooh meme to cheer Steve up and the guys go down a pharmaceutical rabbit hole. Don’t cough on my genitals, Spielberg movie, Cashless society, Spring Equinox, Winnie The Pooh, WebMD, Piss in the Sunlight, ’s Dick Turban
03/20/2017 01:02:14 Steve and the guys share their reactions to the NCAA March Madness games last weekend. Brendan compliments Steve on his sex scandal memory. Dag and Steve look back on the career of Rock n' Roll musician Chuck Berry and your phone calls! Chuck Berry, Alpine Valley, Skip Bayless, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Sex scandal memory, Northwestern crying kid, NCAA March Madness, Jim Stafford
03/17/2017 01:05:35 Happy St. Patrick's Day from the gang! Remembering my time in Ireland thanks to some Irish blokes! Jennifer Lopez, corned beef, St. Patrick's Day, Lauren O'Neil, Irish Car Bomb, Dan Levy, Lickimade, American food
03/16/2017 01:04:40 Late for the podcast, Brendan shares a heroic story of Steve's infamy. Steve talks about elevator protocol and how a radio DJ's life can be a lonely existence. Today's Ask Janet features wedding gifts & St. Patty's Day recipes! Email! Radio Hall Of Fame, Uber driver, Boys weekend, Sacrifice corned beef, Elevator buddies, Wedding gift, Cakeblocked, Birthday shaming
03/15/2017 01:01:52 Brendan's dealing with an upset tummy and a charley horse after a pickup basketball game & a walk last night. Steve enjoys hearing a robot read a story about a radio host and his dog. Dag feels the call of the slopes and more #petcrunchchallenge audio! Beaver Creek, Basketball, Stephen King, Nick Gale, Chokeberry, Burp me, Skip Bayless, Teddy Savage
03/14/2017 01:05:11 A bathroom trip takes Steve down memory lane. Steve compares local morning news programs and a very special visit from Virginia McCaskey ends in applause for Dag and Brendan! Plus the #petcrunchchallenge resurfaces and your phone calls. Jay Cutler, It's a Wonderful Life, Virginia McCaskey, Don Cox, Kid Curry, CBS Morning News, Beauty & The Beast, Ewan McGregor
Results: 1473 Episodes Found


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