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02/24/2017 01:03:05 Steve and the guys kick off the Friday podcast by laying out their weekend plans. Steve and Janet still have some Oscar movies to watch before the awards Sunday and Brendan a topic on Eric & Kathy again! And some of your phone calls! Shark Tank, smoked butt, Red Carpet, Inopportune Moment, Tom Bosley, Marriage anniversary, Indian Consulate, Charity Events
02/23/2017 01:02:25 Steve and the guys are feeling good after a sexy photo shoot before the podcast! Steve's feeling a bit bullied by his kids about peeing on the bathroom floor, and the guys debut a new segment where Dag reads Mike Dahl's Yelp reviews. Plus Ask Janet! get out, Mike Dahl, Kristen Bell, chips, grandkids, Yelp reviews, Sexy photoshoot, Peeing on the floor
02/22/2017 01:05:17 Steve and the guys react to news of the Chicago Bears seeking to trade Jay Cutler. More audio for the #petcrunchchallenge and Steve finds an old radio skit about newlyweds. Plus "Abe" Lincoln returns to finish recounting the tale of him and Joshua Speed! Jay Cutler, Bruce Springsteen, haircut, Picture day, Arthur Blank, Poontang flow chart, Engagement Ring, Gee Papa That Tickles But Good
02/21/2017 01:09:36 After a President's Day off the guys start enjoying some new #PetCrunchChallenge audio & remembering the good ole days of music and blow. Also, the great Jimmy Webb talks with Steve about his new book "The Cake and the Rain: A Memoir" and memories. cocaine, Jimmy Webb, garage sale, Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, #PetCrunchChallenge, Radio in the nude, The Cake and the Rain: A Memoir
02/17/2017 01:04:40 Steve's battling a weather headache but got some relief from a steam inhaler. He shares a passage from the book 'Lincoln In The Bardo' with "Abe" who recalls painful memories. Brendan interviews actor/comedian Bobby Lee & Steve's boycotting a CNN special. Lady GaGa, Lemonade, SpotHero, Two Dudes One Bed, Bobby Lee, History of Comedy, NBA All Stars, Lincoln In The Bardo
02/16/2017 01:01:11 Steve's perturbed by a giant Abe Lincoln statue erected in Pioneer Court, and finds new imaging for 97.9 FM The Loop featuring Disco Demolition audio! Thursdays are Ask Janet, today she talks about her acting career, air travel and the magic of Tivo! Abe Lincoln, The Loop, My Fair Lady, Corned Beef Sandwich, Canine Grade Prozac, Mismatched Socks, George Saunders, Yelp reviews
02/15/2017 01:05:04 Steve's feeling good after a walk up Michigan avenue & the guys celebrate the importance of the lunch hour. An email mishap puts Donny in the hot seat and Steve tries to help him with his Tinder failure. A voicemail turns the discussion to "The Bachelor". The Bachelor, Tinder, Michigan Avenue, Pretty woman, Kingston Mines, Lunch hour, Hungry House, Jasmine Tea
02/14/2017 01:05:26 Steve and Dag enjoy some alone time this Valentine's Day until Brendan arrives, after he attended a funeral. Steve recaps a radio station meeting, talks about his drag races in the suburbs and discovers the secret world of Forest Preserve Squirters. Orange Is The New Black, drag racing, Valentine's Day, forest preserve, Australian Labradoodle, London House, Difficult People, squirters
02/13/2017 59:42 Brendan is finally kicking his pop habit! Steve wonders if breaking a snow globe is good luck based on Citizen Kane rules. They cover last night's Grammy Awards using Dag's Twitter rants, plus today's #PetCrunchChallenge! Send clips to Adele, Bruno Mars, The Grammy Awards, Brita filter, Bird cage, Snow globe, Twitter rant, Les Moonves
02/10/2017 57:57 Steve and the guys debate whether songwriter Jimmy Webb should get a Grammy mention if Kanye West wins for his song Famous. More audio for the #PetCrunchChallenge and Steve brings Dag & Brendan down a rabbit hole of some classic rock songs. Weird Al Yankovic, Kanye West, Jimmy Webb, Steely Dan, Nina Simone, Ottoman, Dickbreath, Frozen mango
Results: 1452 Episodes Found


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