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02/16/2017 01:05:12 Toss on your bathrobe go door to door as Matt & Brendan help put themselves through smoothie school.  Disney robs Mad Dawg while Doc Rhubarb gets mushy and bold in a place where Matty D can like it.  This week's episode is paid in full! serena williams, Oberweis, Assassin's Creed, Heart Eyes Emoji, Oikos, flaxseed, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
02/03/2017 57:36 Matthew and Bren consider name alternatives on this week's show. M&B also enter the celeb nook for a frank talk about prospects for The Weeknd and Selena Gomez and allegations about Lea Michele's Instagram motives. Ving Rhames, Isiah Thomas, Scream Queens, Lucas Giolito, I Feel It Coming, Cory Monteith, cashed eyes, ThinkB4YouSpeak campaign
01/25/2017 01:10:41 Tension at forty thousand feet may require the services of Matty D: EMT.  Find out how the drama played out on this week's Matt & Brendan.  Meanwhile, Doc Rhubarb investigates the limits of insurance coverage. CVS, blue Powerade, Regina George, Apple Bottom Jeans, Totino's Pizza Sticks, Black Mirror, Bryce Dallas Howard, rubbernecking
01/12/2017 01:04:17 Matt's going through changeeesssssss - both professionally and on the home front. Share in the happy developments on this week's Matt & Brendan.  Brendan remembers a forgotten bar soap and is pitched bad ideas by the Moments photo app. Jimmy Hoffa, Nordstrom, Guaranteed Rate Field, Mallrats, Hard Water Zest, tailor, super sperm, Selma Blair
12/29/2016 01:07:26 You know Matty & Brendo...But do you recall the most Matt & Brendan holiday special of all?  The boys celebrate at a local watering hole with plenty of warm chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon surprises!  M&B in your ears George Strait, Philly cheese steak, Gremlins, Smurf Turf, Christmas caroling, Christmas in Your Mouth, alcohol-infused cupcakes, sleeping under your desk
12/16/2016 58:56 Matt & Brendan are no saints. Or are they? M&B boast about their many, if somewhat half-assed or grainy, good deeds. Meanwhile, Matt is perturbed by his wife's organizational blind spot & Brendan hears a clever joke in the alley. snowblower, Ziploc, Marty McFly, Jim Beam & ginger ale, Funny George, All Day IPA, Burlington Coat Factory, Hungry Like The Wolf
11/30/2016 01:03:06 Matt and Brendan vibe then un-vibe then re-vibe in a lesson-laden episode of the M&B show. Matt becomes a man on Thanksgiving while risking the spirituality of his children on the finest gentlemen's game of skill - table tennis. Young Pope, Stone Soup, One Finger Selfie Challenge, Black Beatles, Bakers Square, Hanes, Joanna Krupa, brine
11/25/2016 01:03:47 No more shall you see Matt check-in at his cozy book nook, share a spot-on ecard or type "So This Happened" above a picture of an empty wrapper from Mrs. Fields. M&B discuss Matty D's decision to sell his Farmland and log off Facebook for good. Chrissy Teigen, Katherine Waterston, Kung Fu Panda, 3M Picture Hanging Strips, Sit Still Look Pretty, deactivating your Facebook account, To Sleep with the Angels, Dustin Hoffman
11/16/2016 01:04:34 Battling unseen microbes, M&B journey to the center of Matt's lower intestine. They find embarrassing skid mark anecdotes, a Dirrty Christina Aguilera metamorphosis & ever-improving ads for The General. Drunk Brendan cares about his hungover self Kendrick Lamar, Bad Santa 2, Blake Vapes, Arturo's Tacos, Norwalk virus, oily skin, confetti effect, spear fishing
11/10/2016 58:33 Two Fantastic Beasts, Matt & Brendan, are on the road again, podcasting the way they've always been. M&B reminisce about early Facebook, before it turned into a wasteland. Back then it consisted solely of hot vacay pics World Series, Willie Nelson, Shoeless Joe Jackson, wake n bake, Eddie Redmayne, peanuts whiskey & diet, Ariel, Survivor Flip Cup
Results: 220 Episodes Found


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