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03/23/2017 01:17:21 Comedian and writer, Ryan Rosenberg joins Daniel for this latest Hindsight. Ryan is part of the comedy group Big Grande and he brings in some gems to discuss. From makin faces to a thug life in France, it's a really fun episode! Sacramento, France, snl, Hawaii, UCB, Jim Carey, Cheesecake Factory, Puka Shells
03/16/2017 01:36:40 Comedian Ron Babcock returns to Hindsight and he's got an album coming out called "This guy." Ron and Daniel talk about comedy competitions, traveling abroad, and his best halloween costume. Plus a ton more! Halloween, Russia, Arizona, Chevy Chase, Scranton, Andy Peters, Tempe, Renaissance Fairs
03/10/2017 01:50:09 Comedian and writer Caitlin Durante sits down with Daniel this week. They talk about women in film, Caitlin's familial relationships, cosplaying as Frodo, her A+ work ethic, and how she found her way to comedy. Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Game of Thrones, Titanic, Bechdel Test, Thelma And Louise, Aspergers, Lord Of The Rings
03/02/2017 01:08:29 Comedian Emma Arnold comes back to Hindsight and talks about butterfly knives, growing up with dirty books, living on the road and what it feels like to go it alone.   dogs, parenting, road trips, Butterfly Knives, Medieval Fighting, Rat Tails, Dirty Books, Teepees
02/23/2017 01:19:36 TV Writer Joe Saunders joins Daniel for this episode! The guys talk about how they became buddies in San Francisco, and then Joe shows pictures from his youth in Atlanta and how he got into comedy in LA. Atlanta, San Francisco, comic books, Superman, Don't Think Twice, Sketch Writing, Teddy Ruxpin, University Of North Carolina
02/16/2017 01:35:53 Comedian Scott Rogowsky joins Daniel on this week's episode! Scott talks about being a shy kid living in fear, his phenomenal SNL themed Bar Mitzvah, and how he found his confidence and chose a life in comedy. Sklar Brothers, Saturday Night Live, Bar Mitzvah, Running Late with Scott Rogowsky, Big Johnson, Co-Ed Naked Volleyball, MTV Spring Break, Fear
02/09/2017 01:28:42 Comedian Josh Adam Meyers is the week's guest! Fresh off of shooting his show "The Comedy Jam," Josh brings in photos with stories about literally keeping up with the Kardashians, getting his window unzipped, and being a fancy DJ. AA, Mexico, Washington DC, Kardashians, Production Assistant, Panic At The Disco, Mark Brunell, Baltimore
02/02/2017 01:14:41 Actor and comedian Brett Maline sits down with Daniel for this episode of Hindsight! Brett talks about growing up with scoliosis, his struggles with vulnerability, being in a band & how they broke up, and how his nieces made him appreciate Disneyland. Nebraska, Disneyland, Scoliosis, Halo, Disabilities, Rally for One, Vulnerability, Bejing
01/26/2017 01:17:08 Comedian Vinny Fasline joins Daniel on this episode! Vinny and Daniel are game night buddies and Vinny brings photos from his challenging childhood, finding his confidence in college and becoming himself through comedy. Stand-Up, divorce, Halloween, Pittsburgh, Bob's Burgers, Game Night, Ohio, Brain Tumor
01/19/2017 01:16:54 Comedy producer & actor Sean Spencer joins Daniel this week. Sean created and produced the Go90 series The 5th Quarter featuring Daniel. Sean talks about his trips to Ireland, getting a parasite in high school and how he joined OBB Pictures. Ireland, New Years Eve, Philadelphia, Eagles, Doctors, Parasite, OBB Pictures, Pack Theatre
Results: 137 Episodes Found


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