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05/18/2017 01:20:17 Comedian Jay Larson joins Daniel this week! It's been a long time coming and the guys get right into it! Jay talks about goofing around with his aunts, his night with two comedy legends and what being a dad means to him. twin peaks, Robin Williams, Boston, parenting, Single Mom, Bobcat Goldthwait, Fatherhood, The Invitation
05/11/2017 01:13:33 Comedian, writer, and artist, Barak Hardly joins Daniel on Hindsight! After singing some christian rock, they talk about Barak's years as a religious improviser, his time as a pastor, and the epic search for new adventures! Florida, San Francisco, Third Day, DC Talk, 5 For Fighting, Who's Line Is It Anyway, Carmen, Iceland
05/04/2017 01:49:46 It's a Classic Hindsight Episode with comedian and writer Lindsey Barrow! The two friends talk about making comedy together, her wedding with her mom, and the greatest Bugs Bunny story of all time. St. Louis, cancer, TSA, weddings, UCB, Nerdist, Six Flag, Bugs Bunny
04/27/2017 01:18:46 Comedian Andy Haynes is on Hindsight! The guys connect on why negativity is never cool and then Andy's photos! Andy talks about his youth in Seattle, his skiing aspirations in his late teens, life without a dad and how he approaches comedy. Conan O'Brien, skiing, Lake Tahoe, MTV Spring Break, Hair Perms, Farm Work, Appropriation, Positivity
04/20/2017 01:22:05 Comedian Amy Miller joins Daniel this week! They start by talking about the wonder that is Portland, then get into the pics where Amy talks about her Dad(asterisk), living the "everything but sex" christian life and the time she got to meet Dolly! Star Wars, Portland, Virginity, Milkman, Sheet Metal, Third Day, Dolly Parton, Edibles
04/13/2017 01:53:56 Actor/Comedian Melissa Stephens sits down with Daniel this week! They discuss her show "Fear Based Life" & how it came about. Then on to the photos to talk about partying in Hollywood, low-level modeling and her childhood in the South! Californiacation, cocaine, Los Angeles, New York, Stephen King, Fear Based Life, Alcoholism, Slip-N-Slide
04/06/2017 01:48:39 Actor and writer Lilan Bowden joins Daniel this week! She has a new show premiering on the Disney Channel and sits down to talk about a trip to Taiwan with her mom, why she loved ability college and the moment she booked this great new role! Improv, Taiwan, La La Land, Mom Clothes, Irvine, Activism, Disney Channel, Andie Mack
03/30/2017 01:38:08 It's a classic episode of Hindsight! Daniel Van Kirk is on a west coast road trip but we wanted to share this episode with Ryan Sickler. Ryan covers the loss of his dad, being an elf, and going to the Playboy mansion. Christmas, Death, Gary Coleman, dad, Playboy, high school, Elf, Crab Feast
03/23/2017 01:17:21 Comedian and writer, Ryan Rosenberg joins Daniel for this latest Hindsight. Ryan is part of the comedy group Big Grande and he brings in some gems to discuss. From makin faces to a thug life in France, it's a really fun episode! Sacramento, France, snl, Hawaii, UCB, Jim Carey, Cheesecake Factory, Puka Shells
03/16/2017 01:36:40 Comedian Ron Babcock returns to Hindsight and he's got an album coming out called "This guy." Ron and Daniel talk about comedy competitions, traveling abroad, and his best halloween costume. Plus a ton more! Halloween, Russia, Arizona, Chevy Chase, Scranton, Andy Peters, Tempe, Renaissance Fairs
Results: 145 Episodes Found


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