Alan Thicke

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03/18/2017 01:03:10 Lots to grab on this ’83 grab bag show: Alan Thicke bashing. Shoe shining in a car trunk. Jimmy Piersall sports report & clears the air about Disco Demolition. Rupert Murdoch buys the Sun-Times. They take calls, & auditors wandering near the studio. Disco Demolition!, Rupert Murdoch, George Halas, Liberace, Alan Thicke, Diff’ent Strokes, Fred Silverman, Auditors
07/19/2014 00:00

On this 1984 WLS skimmer tape, Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust stops by the studio. She talks about playing at Comiskey, takes calls & plays a little for the guys. She gives Maggie some grief about the news too! Tyrone s traffic & they take calls. 

Hawk Harrelson, Alan Thicke, Casio, Bob Collins, The San Diego Chicken, Don Drysdale, hacky sack, cat fight
Results: 2 Episodes Found


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