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05/20/2017 01:29:55 On pt 1 of this ’87 show-S&G feel the power of radio after being out at the transmitter! Joe Walsh calls in to defend Gary Hart. They’re mad at Kevin Matthews he’s at a charity event. Gary Dotson hit & run traffic. They take suggestions for the new AM. Joe Walsh, Gary Hart, Rick Sutcliffe, Transmitter, Paul Steve & Paul Garry, Linda Goroff, Pee pee boy statue, Pleasant Dreams
05/13/2017 01:17:01 This week - there’s a news tape controversy. S & G recap their ride to Alpine Valley to see Jackson Browne. Their limo was late! The driver went to the wrong location! The driver also had a speech impediment! So how bad could it have been? Let’s see! Harold Washington, David Lee Roth, Alpine Valley, Dan Aykroyd, Jackson Browne, Elmer Fudd, NAB convention, too much cocaine
05/06/2017 01:26:46 Steve & Garry are preparing for a limo ride to Alpine Valley with Janet & John Roach to see Jackson Browne. Their limo is late! The driver went to the wrong location! S&G work through the limo bad car phone quality to make their brand of radio magic! Milwaukee, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, Alpine Valley, Ron Of Japan, Stone Container building, Cadillac Cimarron
04/29/2017 01:08:15 A writer’s strike & Garry Dotson are in the news on part two of this 1987 show. They read about WGN’s replacement for Wally Phillips-Spike O’Dell & play his airchecks. The SMU football sex scandal, Blues News, & what good is Bob Greene to Steve & Garry? writers strike, Art Norman, Gary Dotson, Spike O'Dell, Marlene McClinton, Hit & Run traffic report, Kate Smith on ice
04/22/2017 01:20:22 The PTL, Oral Roberts, & a real estate preacher grab Steve’s attention on pt. 1 of this 1987 show. Also Steve likes the new Froze Fruit bars. They give business card-marketing makeover tips. Plus, with Oprah reruns on, Green Acres is the place to be! Paul Brian, Oral Roberts, Jim Bakker, Robert Tilton, Success N Life, Earnest Angely, Dom Deluise, Captain Mayonnaise
04/15/2017 01:00:00 On this partial 1980 WLUP show, Steve & Garry pick prom contest winners, and try to call them. Janet’s upset & almost in tears that Sneakers is under the knife to have a tooth pulled. Plus, the prom tip of the day - wear underwear under your tux! prom contest, Betsy McCormick, Laura Dorfman, Terry Meier, Kent Papelka, poodle in a microwave, The Knockers, Professional Mud Wrestling
04/08/2017 01:25:22
The Steve & Garry reunion show–part 2. Steve is live at Oak Street Beachstro on this 06 WCKG broadcast. Along with Garry, are Phil Rosenthal, Stan Lawrence & Larkin & Moran Brothers. The news media is buzzing that Steve & Garry will get back together!
Milwaukee, Matt Dahl, Alpine Valley, Jackson Browne, Cliff Mansavage, Dan Falato, Worm Meat, Fox news
04/01/2017 01:38:58 Steve's live at Oak Street Beachstro on part 1 of this 06 WCKG show. The news media is buzzing that its a Steve & Garry reunion! Will they get back together? On with Garry, are Phil Rosenthal, Stan Lawrence, CBSs Dana Kozlov, & the band The Format. Jack Silver, acid flashback, Spike O'Dell, Cliff Mansavage, Charlie's Angels, Kathy & Judy, Talking Tampons, Rover's Morning Glory
03/25/2017 01:00:53
On this partial WLS show–new lottery winners think they’re getting a giant payout. S&G make fun of Styx! A call to The Bijou Theater. Cloris Leachman is disappointed with a local restaurant menu, Deney Terrio is an idiot, & which telethon is sicker?
Lotto, George Sarantos, Dimitrios "Jimmy" Nicolopoulos, LaDonna Tittle, Dexys Midnight Runners, Cloris Leachman, Dance Fever, Jaime Lyn Bauer
03/18/2017 01:03:10 Lots to grab on this ’83 grab bag show: Alan Thicke bashing. Shoe shining in a car trunk. Jimmy Piersall sports report & clears the air about Disco Demolition. Rupert Murdoch buys the Sun-Times. They take calls, & auditors wandering near the studio. Disco Demolition!, Rupert Murdoch, George Halas, Liberace, Alan Thicke, Diff’ent Strokes, Fred Silverman, Auditors
Results: 288 Episodes Found


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