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03/25/2017 01:00:53
On this partial WLS show–new lottery winners think they’re getting a giant payout. S&G make fun of Styx! A call to The Bijou Theater. Cloris Leachman is disappointed with a local restaurant menu, Deney Terrio is an idiot, & which telethon is sicker?
Lotto, George Sarantos, Dimitrios "Jimmy" Nicolopoulos, LaDonna Tittle, Dexys Midnight Runners, Cloris Leachman, Dance Fever, Jaime Lyn Bauer
03/18/2017 01:03:10 Lots to grab on this ’83 grab bag show: Alan Thicke bashing. Shoe shining in a car trunk. Jimmy Piersall sports report & clears the air about Disco Demolition. Rupert Murdoch buys the Sun-Times. They take calls, & auditors wandering near the studio. Disco Demolition!, Rupert Murdoch, George Halas, Liberace, Alan Thicke, Diff’ent Strokes, Fred Silverman, Auditors
03/11/2017 01:24:37
On part two of this March 06 show, they unravel the mystery of who Bob Mould is. Steve’s having computer problems. HVAC issues, Swiss sports with Chef Hans, & more on the Ed Schwartz CD Project. Buzz with the news, & Wendy solves a toilet paper problem.
Chef Hans, Drew Hayes, Ed Farmer, Bob Mould, Crucifixion Steaks, Husker Du, NASA space probe, HVAC
03/04/2017 01:32:47
Part one of this March 06 show. Steve finds out WXRT’s Norm Weiner is cool. The genius of the drive-thru Vittleveyor. Steve likes to roll cashless when possible! Problems with the Eddie Schwartz CD project. Larry Wert calls about Eddie joining the LOOP.
Drew Hayes, Ron Magers, Jonathon Brandmeier, New Pornographers, Neko Case, Tonight Show, talcum powder, Saturn's moons
02/25/2017 01:00:47
Part two of the 1983 WLS Show-Steve & Garry take the national spotlight as they appear on Entertainment Tonight. Mary Hart is in studio and takes calls. Steve talk to his parents & brother about the TV show appearance. They seemed genuinely impressed!
Roger Dahl, Carol Dahl, Rick Dahl, Entertainment Tonight, Mary Hart, Dean Richards, Gino’s East, Dixie Whatley
02/18/2017 59:14 Part 1 of this 1983 WLS show-Steve & Garry take the national spotlight on Entertainment Tonight. No time to prepare a Karen Carpenter tribute, she died a few days earlier. Janet was on AM Chicago with Spud the dog. Steve fell asleep, forgot to tape it. Larry Lujack, Mary Hart, Robert Murphy, Falklands!, Karen Carpenter, AM Chicago, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Rob Weller
02/11/2017 01:27:41 Pt 2 of their May 1987 show. Can’t play the Rock Hudson phone tape. Gary Hart gets babes! Second anniversary of Gary Dotson’s commutation. They think there's more to the story than is being told. Amanda Payes from Max Headroom is hot & they take calls. Gary Hart, Gary Dotson, The Day The Clown Cried, Tom Dressen, Amanda Pays, Donna Rice, Cheesehead, The Atomic Cafe
02/04/2017 01:39:27
Part 1 of this May 1987 WLUP show: Theater of the mind, as they recreate the Say No To Drugs parade. They take calls, talk Hawaii, employees get in trouble for calling hotline, & they have a story about paddle boarder Larry Capune’s anti drug stunt.
Rock Hudson, Janet Davies, Busch beer, Phyllis Levy, coconut wireless, Milt Rosenberg, Floyd Brown, Marty & Larry Capune
01/28/2017 01:32:44
Steve wants a storage locker for all the Christmas decorations. Or a lift for the attic stairs! Wendy loves Old Country Buffet, but Steve's not on board. Is the sit-com a great American art form? Plus, the Stones keep rolling, on pt 2 of this '06 show.
United Center, Altamont, Christmas decorations, Old Country Buffet, Panda Express, Dan Falato, Gimmie Shelter, Jenna Elfman
01/21/2017 01:32:40
Buzz is back from foot surgery. Steve likes the feel of bottled water. Pat Dahl has moved up the TV show food chain. Steve's never been to the Carolinas. You know you've made it when people are getting sandwiches for you. All on part 1 of this '06 show.
Denver Broncos, Arizona iced tea, Demerol, Carolina Panthers, Jerome Bettis, John Fox, Pat Tilman, Dick Tracy villain
Results: 280 Episodes Found


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